You would think that writing a book on Positive Living would be easy, right? It has been everything but, which is why I find this book so rewarding to complete.

Living a positive life is not as easy as it may seem. There are many surprises and twists and turns that challenge us at every level of our being. Having acknowledged that truth, I am still a believer that positive living is a choice!

Enjoy the word for each letter, stories, thought provoking messages and quotes as you purposely put a little more positive into your day!

– Andrew Sanderbeck


“There is no question some problems are very complex like geo-politics, macro vs. micro economics and the cure for the common cold. Other things like how to set my mind for the day can and should be simple. Andrew writes about the letter G for “gift” and this little book is just that, a gift. One letter, one lesson, one thing a day to focus on for making our lives have a purpose of positive living.”

Ned Parks Audio Author, Simple and Easy, The little things you can do…

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