PCI Webinar with Carla Lehn

Volunteerism is changing. Libraries now have the opportunity to engage highly skilled volunteers who can bring their unique expertise to bear on the library’s mission. Actual success stories of innovative library volunteer engagement will be shared.

Participants in this webinar will learn how to:

  • Identify what motivates today’s potential volunteers and how to find the right fit for their skills and interests
  • Make the best use of skilled volunteers at the library
  • Design meaningful jobs for volunteers and recruit the right candidates for them
  • Implement strategies for successful volunteer engagement, including gaining staff buy-in

Successfully deployed skilled volunteers can help gain community support for the library and attract more people to use and engage with it. Whether your library is large or small, this webinar will help you to revitalize library volunteerism and reap the benefits of increased community engagement.

Carla Lehn ~ Biography

Carla Lehn began her career as a VISTA volunteer, and after receiving a Masters in Community Development from the University of California, Davis, worked for United Way for over a decade.  Before joining the California State Library staff in 2001 to work on statewide literacy, volunteerism and community engagement initiatives, she was a private consultant on volunteer engagement, board development, and community collaboration.

Carla’s most recent book: “From Library Volunteer to Library Advocate: Tapping Into the Power of Community Engagement” was published in June, 2018.  Since her December 2015 retirement, Carla has returned to consulting and bucket list travel, and is an active volunteer.

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