PCI Webinar with Carol Kando-Pineda

Financial Literacy for All! Here’s How Your Library Can Help

Competency: Public Services
Sub-Category: Develops a wide variety of services to meet the needs and interests of target audiences

According to a US News and World Report, in 2017, only 24 percent of millennials demonstrated basic financial literacy – and just 46 percent of all Americans have a rainy-day fund. Chances are some of your patrons could use help building the skills to create a more solid financial foundation. This program describes the Federal Trade Commission’s free and engaging site, Consumer.gov.

In this informative webinar program you’ll learn about the site and how its free materials can help you expand your patrons’ know-how about managing money, using credit, and dealing with debt.

Carol Kando-Pineda ~ Biography

Carol Kando-Pineda is Counsel in the FTC’s Division of Consumer and Business Education where she leads teams to create free print materials, websites, and videos to help people avoid scams, manage their money and make wise buys. Carol began her FTC career as a staff attorney bringing false advertising cases; she then became the agency’s Legislative Counsel, serving for several years as a liaison between the FTC and Congress.



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