PCI Webinar with Jennifer Grantham

Actively Listening in a Loud, Distracting World

Competency: Essential Library
Sub-Category: Personal/Interpersonal (Collaboration)

Our world is full of distractions. We are missing essential parts of communication because we feel so overwhelmed by noise and information. How do we slow down and actually HEAR? All relationships are based on communication, but three-quarters of communication is listening. What are you not hearing?

Increasing productivity, workplace cohesion, and relationship balance; listening gives us the information that we need to make sound decisions and insight into chaos that surrounds us.
This interactive and fun webinar will explore techniques and tools that will give us the edge on listening and communicating more effectively.

Following the program, the discussion will continue with a 15-minute After Webinar Twitter session, where you can interact with Jennifer and PCI Webinars. Be sure to join us the fun!

Jennifer Grantham ~ Biography
Jennifer has developed and conducted communication programs for organizations and their leaders for the last ten years. She was awarded the NAPW Woman of the Year Award in 2013 and holds degrees in both Theology and Life Coaching. She is the founder and owner of ManicSocial, an organization that helps others navigate the world of Social Media for the benefit of their customers and communities.

Price: $59.00


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