PCI Webinar with Amy Schardein

Off the Beaten Path: Take Your Storytimes in New Directions

Competency: Children’s Programming
Sub-Category: Designs, implements and sponsors library programs that offer information, special skills or entertainment for children and their families and caregivers.

Are you stuck in a storytime rut, turning to the same themes over and over again? What if you could see your favorites books a new way when you pair them with titles or activities you may not have previously considered? Reclaim your storytime mojo!

In this webinar, Amy Schardein will give you practical ideas for creating storytimes built around themes that are unusual, creative and can meet specific programming goals. You will:

  • Evaluate classic and favorite titles to see them in a new light
  • Consider creative ways to enrich your storytimes beyond flannel boards and rhymes
  • Explore newer titles that invite more creative storytimes
  • Rekindle your enthusiasm for storytime!

When you feel yourself getting bored or burnt-out on storytime it’s time to get creative! You and your patrons will enjoy storytime more when the storyteller is excited about the day’s activities.

Participants will receive ready to print storytime outlines and a bibliography of sources.

Amy Schardein ~ Biography

Amy Schardein, MLS, is a Children’s Librarian in Covington, KY for the Kenton County Public Library where she has specialized in early childhood work for over ten years. She plans and presents programs, manages book collections, writes and manages grants and presents on a variety of library topics related to Children’s Services.

Price: $59.00


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