PCI Webinar with Al Carlson
The Library of the Future: Make Your Plans Now…Before It’s Too Late

We know that eBooks are rapidly changing library services.  Some have called eBooks the “third wave”, following library automation and web reference. We also know that the library of the future will be different than the library of today. Consider these questions:

How will your library justify its operational costs when patrons can get “all” of your books through your web site?

What will you do with all that “floor space”, when your collection can be stored on a postage stamp sized SD card?

How do we want our staff to add value to the library experience that begins with the author and ends with the reader, if the reader can buy directly from the author?

In this fast paced one-hour webinar, Al Carlson explores multiple “future models” for libraries, including some already taking shape today, and challenges you to rethink what your library will be doing in five years.

Al Carlson ~ Biography

Al Carlson has been working in libraries since 1959, professionally since 1970. During that time he has watched technology go from non-existent to all encompassing.  And libraries have consistently been behind the curve.
His goal now is to help libraries play like Wayne Gretzky, and “Skate to where the puck will be, not to where it’s been.”

His career has included public service, tech services, automation, and management at public, school, academic and special libraries. Currently, he is the System Administrator at the Tampa Bay Library Consortium where he manages and provides support for Overdrive and Ask a Librarian programs.

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