Every manager or supervisor has at least one employee that is not performing their work to the level that they were hired to do. Ignoring the problem isn’t the answer, and certainly waiting for the person to retire isn’t a good option either!

What steps can you take to deal effectively with your under performers? This webinar on “Dealing With the Hard to Deal With” gives you some help and answers!

Participants will learn and begin to master:

  • The reasons for poor performance
  • What causes job satisfaction and what causes job dissatisfaction
  • How we as managers sometimes cause the problem behaviors and how to stop doing those things
  • How to effectively counsel poor performers to improve their performance
  • The right ways to do progressive discipline
  • And lastly, what to do when all else fails

Robert Mallon ~ Biography

Robert Mallon is a nationally known professional speaker and consultant, based in Atlanta, GA. He has over 27 years of business experience and has a great passion for “growing” people and organizations while helping them to live up to their full potential. This has turned into his life mission.

Organizational leaders look to Robert Mallon for facilitation, fact finding and problem solving. His genuine concern, coupled with his keen discernment, business and leadership experience, make him a wise, thought-provoking and effective presenter and facilitator.

Price: $59.00
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