PCI Webinar with Nan Carmack

Budgeting: Beyond the Spreadsheet

Sometimes it seems that managing a library requires a crystal ball—anticipating budgetary needs, patron needs, and appropriate responses all at once! The need for fortune telling can be greatly reduced with careful attention to budget creation and policy-making.

These two inter-related topics are critical knowledge areas for library management and are the underpinnings of any successful organization. This webinar will present budgeting and resource management principles as well as address the importance of and steps to crafting effective library policies.

Participants in this webinar will better understand:

  • Maximizing financial resources, both internally and externally
  • Developing policies and procedures based on library mission and user needs to guide efficient and effective library operations
  • How budget and policy inform and drive one another

Nan Carmack ~ Biography

Nan Carmack is the Director of the Campbell County Public Library System in central Virginia. She has been working in libraries for 10 years after a brief stint in book selling retail, preceded by a decade in the human services field, working with families and children affected by chemical dependence and abuse and neglect.

Nan manages a $1.2 million budget for her library system, has negotiated 6% budget cuts and a return to full funding over the past seven years.

Price: $59.00


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