Gossip and Rumors: Keeping the Rumor Mill from Milling Your Nerves

You know when you hear it but don’t know when to stop, control or ignore it. There is really only one way, set and make your expectations known and do not ignore the elephant in the room. Wishing rumors and gossip will go away is not an effective method.
This interactive and fun webinar from PCI will define Gossip and Rumors and provide steps to curb and control both.
Participants will learn and begin to master:

Define Gossip and Rumor and what the difference is between them
Setting expectations and giving your staff the skills to stop the gossip
Using rumors as your friend not your enemy

Ned Parks ~ Biography

Ned has been developing and conducting training seminars for libraries and library organizations for more than five years. Ned takes his passion for helping others to find their areas of strength and improvement by providing humor-filled leadership and motivational webinars and seminars on dealing with the challenges of everyday life.  Ned takes it one step further – he gives participants tangible ideas they can use as soon as they leave the event.

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