PCI Webinar with Mary Schaefer
Say It Only Once!
Get Your Employees to Do What You Ask the First Time

Competency: Library Management
Sub-Topic: Personnel Management

You have what you think is a straightforward conversation with an employee. Then you find out later they didn’t get it. They’re off on a tangent, completely lost, or spinning in circles.

In this interactive and informative program, learn three tactics to massively improve your manager/employee interactions so you can trust your employees to do what you ask the first time. Through this webinar you will learn to:

• Head off misunderstandings and delays by asking one simple question.
• Check your assumptions and theirs before jumping to unhelpful conclusions.
• Ask questions to ask to reveal and overcome obstacles.
So that you can:
• Get better results and better performance from your employees because you are both getting it right the first time.
• Inspire self-reliance in your employees and strengthen your confidence in your own leadership ability.
• Save time and energy you would otherwise waste in repeated conversations.

Mary Schaefer ~ Biography

As the principal of her own business and as an HR professional, Mary coaches, trains and consults on improving manager/employee interactions and creating positive and functional work environments through empowered leaders and employees. Mary is a former HR manager, TEDx talker, and has delivered leadership, teamwork, and communications workshops as part of the Delaware ILEAD program and at Maryland/Delaware library systems annual conferences.

Price: $59.00
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