PCI Webinar with Jill Burket Ragase

Supporting Kindergarten Preparedness

Competency: Children’s Services
Sub-Category: Establishes and pursues strategies to stay informed about current and relevant information resources to meet children’s evolving needs

The requirements for Kindergarten preparedness have increased exponentially in the past 5 years. Skills that were once gained in first grade are either incorporated into kindergarten curriculum or appear on suggested skills lists for incoming kindergartners. What can the library do to support preschool learners and their parents prepare for kindergarten?

In this interactive webinar program, Jill Burket Ragase will cover the following topics:

  • What is Kindergarten readiness and how it is assessed
  • And overview of Every Child Ready to Read 2 (ECRR2), Success By Six initiatives with an emphasis on older preschoolers
  • Best Practices for literacy enhanced storytimes and programs targeting Kindergarten preparedness
  • What Kindergarten readiness programs and approaches look like in other libraries
  • Using your library’s website and social media outlets to promote Kindergarten readiness
  • Incorporating Kindergarten readiness into one to one interactions, reference questions, teacher collections, and readers advisory encounters

This overview covers kindergarten readiness for both common core and common core based curriculums as well as best practices for serving older preschoolers. We will look at what other libraries are offering and how you can meet the needs of these preschoolers and their parents or caregivers.

Jill Burket Ragase ~ Biography

Jill Burket Ragase has worked as a Children’s Librarian and Collection Development Librarian in several states as an MLS Librarian and now is an independent library consultant and children’s services expert. She has made professional presentations at various professional conferences on children’s programming.

Price: $59.00
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