PCI Webinar with Rachael Altman
Negotiating Skills: Standing Up for Yourself When Asking for a Raise or Promotion

Competency: Personal/Interpersonal Competencies
Sub-Category: Communication

Whether you’re starting a new job or working towards a promotion at your current one, you should be negotiating. Negotiation can be scary, but what’s even scarier is not doing it.

Ideally, we’d all get offered the salary we want and deserve, but if you’ve been working or job hunting for a while, you probably know that very few people receive a “perfect” offer right away. Most of the time, we have to ask for what we want, build our case, and hope that the organization we’re negotiating with has the ability to give us what we want or
meet somewhere in the middle.

This informative webinar will teach you how to prepare for a negotiation and will equip you with tools for success in the negotiating process including:

• Getting into the negotiating mindset
• Understanding your market value
• How to make the case for what you feel you deserve
• How to talk about your accomplishments and how to tie it to their bottom line
• Exercises to help you relieve anxiety
• Understanding gender based biases and how to combat them

Rachael Altman ~ Biography

Rachael Altman is currently an Audit Growth Senior Specialist with Deloitte, where she is part of the team that develops and implements targeted audit growth strategies and initiatives. She was previously a Market Intelligence Analyst at Sidley Austin, LLP, where she researched clients and industries to support marketing, business development, and strategic initiatives. She previously worked at Grant Thornton International Ltd as a Research Analyst in Risk Management & Independence and in academia as a Librarian at Alabama State University and Rockford University. Rachael believes librarians possess the transferrable skills needed to succeed in any environment.

Rachael practices Ashtanga Yoga and teaches classes at Yoga Now in Chicago. She loves to travel and explore gluten free and vegan food options in Chicago and beyond – follow her foodie adventures on Instagram @senzaglutenchicago. You can reach Rachael at rachael.altman@gmail.com and on LinkedIn.

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