PCI Webinar with Pat Wagner

Everyday Library Ethics Series: Part One

Four Key Principles That Will
Build Trust and Respect for Your Library

Is it selfish to buy books we love for our collection, even if they never circulate? What should we do when the sheriff arrives to seize circulation records? How can gossiping at a front desk hurt our library’s funding? Can we hire the best architect in town even if she is our director’s sister? Is it okay to give senior citizens a break on library fines?

Everyday ethics is about guiding the decisions and actions at your library according to principles that ensure that everyone is treated fairly, that governing the library does not happen in secret, that library users have access to all types of information, and that confidentiality is respected.

In Part 1 of this series, participants will learn how to apply ethical standards to:

• Establishing policies that protect user and staff records
• Creating decision-making processes that are fair and open
• Ensuring that library resources are available to everyone
• Providing services without regard to status or influence
• Making difficult decisions that balance differing opinions and facts

Pat Wagner – Biography

Pat has been working with libraries as a trainer and consultant since 1978, from one-room rural storefronts to the largest public and academic libraries in North America. She presents and consults on library ad public sector ethical topics, including material challenges, filtering, collection development, personnel, customer service, development and enforcement of policies and by-laws, governance, and conducting public meetings regarding volatile issues.


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