PCI Webinar with Ned Parks

What’s My Style – What’s Your Style: The Keys to Improved Communication

Competency: Library Management Competencies
Sub-Category: Personnel Management

Everyone has a natural communication style ranging from quiet and evaluating to outspoken and carefree. Understanding your style and how to read others style will open up powerful communication opportunities improving relationships and team success.

In this informative webinar, we will cover the 4 DiSC© styles and how to use them to enhance your communication with co-workers, family, and patrons.

• Improve your communications with peers, subordinates, clients, friends and supervisors
• Learn to read others style and connect with them
• Develop effective communication strategies for different styles
• Identify your personal style using the DiSC® profile

Ned Parks ~ Biography

Ned has been developing and conducting training seminars for libraries and library organizations for more than five years. Ned takes his passion for helping others to find their areas of strength and improvement by providing humor-filled leadership and motivational webinars and seminars on dealing with the challenges of everyday life. Ned takes it one step further – he gives participants tangible ideas they can use as soon as they leave the event.


Price: $59.00

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