PCI Webinar with Nan Carmack

Leading Organizational Change (Easier Said Than Done)

Competency: Organizational Leadership
Sub-Competencies: Embraces change and fosters understanding and acceptance by all stakeholders

Change often incites fear in an organization, rather than enthusiasm for a new way of doing business, whether it is fixing what is broken or introducing innovation.

The Leading Organizational Change program with Nan Carmack will equip organizational leaders to successfully navigate the tricky current of change. Interacting with the attendees, Nan will explain theory, examples, and a variety of concrete tools will be explored to help leaders plan and execute change management.

Nan Carmack ~ Biography

Nan Carmack is the Director of the Campbell County Public Library System in central Virginia. She has been working in libraries for 10 years after a brief stint in book selling retail, preceded by a decade in the human services field, working with families and children affected by chemical dependence and abuse and neglect.


Price: $59.00
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