leadership management

6 Aspects of a Great L.E.A.D.E.R.A thought-provoking list of attributes that can help you go from being good to great!
*NEW*7 Ways Leaders Fail5 step plan for developing leaders skills and behaviors
12+ Ways to Help Your New Employees Feel Welcome and IncludedWhen a supervisor promotes collaboration and teamwork among staff by establishing routines to welcome new employees, the entire team is more likely to share the vision of the organization.
20 Life Changing Words and How to Use Them in 60 MinutesWe will not only come up with a list of 20 words that can change our lives, but we’ll also discuss how to use them.
*NEW*20 Management Tips in 60 MinutesTake this Interactive and informative hour to learn and nurture yourself so you can come back strong for your team.
20 Marketing Resources in 60 MinutesResources explained and annotated by a library marketing expert. If you don’t know everything, you can at least know where to find everything.
20 Tools and Tips for Competitive/Market Intelligence Research in 60 MinutesTools and tips for building and supporting business research and intelligence efforts in your library
"Easy" Fundraising: Gain Community Support, Promote the Library, and Boost Your BudgetNew ideas for supporting library projects and services and quick planning methods will be learned so you can start effectively and efficiently bringing in the money.
Advocacy WithinBuilding relationships with decision makers to create library supporters at every level.
*NEW*Always Selling: Sales and Marketing Business PracticesBusiness trends and strategies to more effectively sell and market their products and services.
Always Selling: Sales and Marketing Business PracticesBusiness trends and strategies to more effectively sell and market their products and services.
An Interview with Ned Parks The Simple and Easy ManagerCreating a culture your employees WANT to work in
Appreciative Inquiry as a Philosophy and PracticeA framework for focused long range planning, meeting management, and staff relations that celebrates what's working and why.
Are You Okay with Being Just Good Enough?Take your library business to the next level through Leadership, Actions/Behaviors, and Customer Experience.
As a Matter of FactHow to educate our communities without alienating them or losing their trust.
*NEW*Assessment and Evaluation in Academic LibrariesStrategies for assessment and evaluation including how to develop an assessment plan, how to collect data, and how to create a feedback loop so that the data is used.
Barriers to Effective Decision Making Once we know the barriers, were better equipped to handle them ~ and as we set ourselves free from those barriers, we naturally become better decision makers.
Basic Elements of Marketing for Libraries Part 1 Main sections of a marketing plan for your library or information center including data collection, selecting marketing priorities, and analyzing your organization and your competition.
Basic Elements of Marketing for Libraries Part 2 Close the loop of the marketing cycle for their organizations.
Be a Great Boss: Nuts and Bolts The nuts and bolts of staffing, decision making, problem-solving, planning and budgeting
Be a Great Boss: The Critical and Basic Foundations Establish themselves as someone the rest of the staff will want to follow and respect.
Be Prepared for Media Coverage: Build a Press Room on Your WebsiteAn online Press Room will serve and impress reporters and editors, and will make your organization look media-savvy. It can also help you get coverage when other libraries don’t.
Beyond Booktalking Whole Library PromotionHow to engage your staff at all levels and prepare them with the tools to “booktalk” your library and services
Bridging the Generation GapGeneral characteristics and unique challenges of working with each generation.
Budgeting: Beyond the SpreadsheetBudgeting and resource management principles as well as address the importance of and steps to crafting effective library policies.
Building Library Friends Groups That Keep Their Eyes on the Prize Learn how to turn library users into active volunteers and partner with other nonprofits to reach out to the greater community.
Building Organizational Resiliency to Stress Learn different skills and approaches to helping people cope and in some cases thrive more effectively.
Building Relationships with Donors: The True Purpose of Fundraising in the Library Creating and nourishing that base of loyal, supportive donors upon which the financial goals of every campaign are built.
Building the Non-Profit Board CycleThe nine different steps needed to build an effective board, which include finding, recruiting and engaging nonprofit board members to increasing board skills, abilities, and success.
Building Your Fundraising Team @ Your Library How much involvement should library management and staff have in fundraising efforts.
Core Competencies of Successful Leadershipa specific, detailed, actionable plan to become a better leader that you can start working on right away, along with the knowledge to help others in your organization to become better leaders.
Creating a Culture of Employee Engagement in Your Library Best practices in engaging employees and the benefits to your library when effectively utilizing them.
Creating a Culture of Employee Innovation Tips and strategies to design a working environment that builds team engagement, inspires ownership and drives results at every level.
Creating a Culture of Leadership in Your LibraryLearn the necessary steps and investing the time and resources that are required to create leaders throughout your organization.
Creating Advocacy Events for Your LibraryPlanning your own advocacy event by hearing ideas and experiences from colleagues and by providing project management and budgeting tools to make your ideas into reality.
*NEW*Creating an On-going Weeding and Inventory Plan for Your Collection Getting your administration on board with your plan to the things you’ll need before and during the implementation of the plan you’ll customize for your library.
Creating and Fostering a Culture of Accountability Rewarding success: encouraging employees to embrace accountability
Creating Messages that Build Support for LibrariesHow to understand audiences, how to use a message box, the benefits of a 27-9-3 messages.
Crisis Management and Communicationsdefining crisis and then turn to detecting, preventing, preparing for, responding to, and recovering from crises.
Dealing with Opiate Users in the Library From Behavior Management to Overdosers Issues of dealing with opiate users in the library including safety, health, and security concerns.
Dealing with Passive Aggressive BehaviorsGain insight and acquire tools to help you work productively with anyone who might speak, act, and think in a passive-aggressive fashion.
Dealing With the Hard to Deal With - Managing Your Poor Performers While Staying Out of Trouble with HR! How to effectively counsel poor performers to improve their performance
Dealing With the Hard to Deal With - Managing Your Poor Performers While Staying Out of Trouble with HR! How to effectively counsel poor performers to improve their performance
Decision Making Series #2: Developing Options for Making the Best Decisions Idea of creativity and risk-taking in the decision-making process.
Decision Making Series #2: Developing Options for Making the Best Decisions Idea of creativity and risk-taking in the decision-making process.
Decision Making Series, Session #1: Identifying the Best Processes for Making Your Decisions 7 steps to making effective decisions and the benefits of including each one of those steps in your process.
Delegating: When, How, and To Whom? Specific tips to help you delegate more effectively
Developing and Implementing a Motivational Strategy to Empower EmployeesA thorough understanding of what drives human beings to do their best (hint—it’s seldom money!) is the key to maintaining a high level of service in the toughest of times.
Developing Your Employees by Coaching (Not Managing) ThemBenefits of Coaching to the Employee and the Coach, and How-To
Distributed Leadership Strategies for nourishing and promoting a culture of leadership
DIY PR (Do It Yourself Public Relations) 10 easy ways to promote library collections, services, and programs.
Drama Free Workplaces Part 1 Creating drama free workplaces should be a priority for organizations that want to function at their highest levels
Drama Free Workplaces Part 2 5-step plan to eliminate unproductive drama from their environment
Ed Tech Trends and Challenges 2018Explore the latest developments, trends, and challenges in educational technology, with an eye toward finding ways to apply that first-rate content to our own training-teaching-learning offerings for staff and other library users.
Effective Training Techniques that Everyone Can UseThe fundamental elements of learning and ways to enhance the learner’s motivation to buy-in.
Effectively Managing Others: 10 Strategies to Create a Quality WorkplaceEnsuring a welcoming workplace environment that promotes employee retention and development.
Empowering Individuals to Perform Library AdvocacyEquipping library supporters from staff to patrons to Friends to Trustees to identify and make the most of golden opportunities for advocacy
Facility Awareness and Incident PreparednessHow the basic knowledge of our facilities can give us an upper hand before and if an incident were to occur.
Flexible LeadershipHow to Navigate the Waters of Changing Libraries
Focus! How to Cut Down on Technology DistractionsDiscuss digital hacks and products to help focus your attention. We will also cover some non-digital ways to improve self-control and productivity.
Frontline Advocacy How to include advocacy into every interaction with your customers without interfering with great customer service.
Fun as a Competitive Advantage in the Workplace Understand the benefits of fun as it relates to engagement, productivity, recruitment, and retention
Fun with Team BuildingTeam-building exercises, assessments, and group activities to meet each library’s unique needs
Fundraising in Your Community Generating ideas by knowing the interests of the people that utilize your library's services
Gen-Blending: Managing the Generations of the 21st Century How to Gen-Blend or move into another generations comfort zone
Getting To Why (aka…Why Should I Use Your Services - Why Should I Work Here)Understanding the “Why” of your organization/team, your customers and your staff can be the most profoundly transformative information you can discover.
Hiring the Best Employees for Your LibraryIdentify staffing needs, successfully advertise, recruit, hire and retain the best employee for your environment
Hiring: A Tale of Fear and Loathing in the Workplace
Creative ways to organize the job search
How to Attract, Hire and Retain TalentCutting edge behavioral analytics, combined with effective interviewing techniques, to build teams of winners.
How to Coach Employees Using a Coaching Plan and Approach with Employees Put together a coaching plan for one or all of your employees as well as various approaches for implementing your plan
How to Create New Revenue Streams For Your LibraryHelp libraries attain a better financial position by tapping into the abundance of opportunities that exist for them today.
How to Find Secure and Navigate the World of Private SponsorshipsThere is funding out there beyond grants or government budgets---sponsorships are a way to not only bring in money, but brand your library.
How to Measure and Document the Performance of Your EmployeesProven methods and tools for measuring and documenting employee performance and the benefits of doing so on a consistent basis for everyone.
*NEW*How to Write Effective Survey Questions to Get Useful DataWhat sorts of things the people in your service area truly want and need.
How-To Wrangle Contracts and Licensing for Your LibraryLearn the components of contracts and license agreements, and how to wrangle contracts that are favorable to your library.
I'm a Manager - Now What?Where to start, how to deal with feelings of being overwhelmed, and how to make the transition from colleague to manager.
Implementing a Library Workforce Development Program Part One How to determine the competencies needed for each department and staff member
Implementing a Workforce Development Program in Your Library Part Two The steps to implementing their training and development program
Improving Employee Communication - Exchanging Information EffectivelyHelp lead your team to become a higher functioning organization.
Improving Your Communication Effectiveness for New(er) Managers and SupervisorsImprove the effectiveness of your verbal, non-verbal and written communication.
Inbox Zero: Getting Out from Under the Email AvalancheLearn the simple yet profound power that an empty inbox can bring to make their work lives more productive and engaging.
Increasing Creativity in the Workplace Learn some of the most effective practices that help an organization to nurture and support creativity.
Influencing for Results Five Key Steps to Being Heard and Impacting the Conversation in a Meaningful Way
Is Your Library Too Fragile?6 Key Factors in Making Your Organization 'Antifragile'
It All Counts: Incorporating Passive Programming into Library Book DisplaysEngage library patrons, promote partnerships with other organizations and creates a culture of connectivity within the library.
Jack of All Trades: Public Services Librarians in Small Library SystemsBe creative with how to manage their daily activities as well as their technology instruction, collection development process, and programming efforts.
Leadership and the Four Agreements Applying the Toltec Wisdom of Don Miguel Ruiz to the WorkplaceIncorporating the agreements into your leadership approach and learn how to overcome obstacles to implementation
Leadership at Any Level: Build Your Skills Now for Tomorrows OpportunitiesIdentify your innate leadership qualities so you can improve them over time and influence at any level.
Leading a Meeting Six Steps to Leading Successful Meetings Six-step model of leading meetings that is proven to help you successfully lead meetings
Leading Functional Work Teams (While Avoiding the Dysfunction)Gain new perspective on what makes teams dysfunctional and the specific steps to take to begin to make them more functional.
Leading Meetings that People Want to AttendReal-life tips and techniques on how to make your meetings work.
Leading Organizational ChangeTheory, examples, and a variety of concrete tools to help leaders plan and execute change management.
Leading Without Authority (Formal or Informal) How we lead by example and help others to be more than they thought they could be.
Lean Your Library Streamlining your processes, resulting in services that are completed faster and more efficiently using your current resources.
Lean Your Library Part 2 How the Lean process proceeded with the library district, what the findings of the process evaluation entailed and the recommendations made for improvement.
Library Board Series #1 Dealing with Difficult Library Board and Board Member Problems The Long Game: Building Community Support For Accountability and Good Behavior
Library Board Series #2 What To Do With A Do-Little Library Board Investing in the Future of the Library Board
Library Grant Writing 101The basic process of grant work, including where to look for funding sources and what key elements go into a great proposal.
Library Leadership: How Emotional Intelligence is Your Link To SuccessHow to use EI to enhance your professional and personal life.
Library Service in a World of Social Change - Lets talk about HopeAn uplifting conversation about hope and the role of libraries in todays ever changing world.
Maintaining a Culture of ProfessionalismIf we want to create, nurture and maintain professionalism and professional behavior in our organizations, we must take action.
Make Today Ridiculously Amazing - Motivation in the WorkplaceExtrinsic opportunities managers can use to inspire their teams to regularly perform well in the workplace.
Making the Move from Staff Member to Supervisor Help the new(er) supervisor, manager and team leader be seen and respected in their new position.
Making Training Stick!Give you the tools, questions and a better overall approach to help your employees more effectively and thoroughly apply what they learned in a training program.
Managing and Developing the Volunteers in Your Library Part 1 How to benefit the organization and not create burdens on the management and paid staff.
Managing and Developing the Volunteers in Your Library Part 2 Valuing volunteers as people first; free help for the library second
Managing Difficult Employee Behaviors Common difficult employee behaviors and offer strategies and techniques to help you to better control the situations and to reshape the employees behavior.
Managing Workplace Conflicts As If Your Job Depended On It Lower emotionality, solve problems, and get you, your co-workers, and employees back to work.
Measuring and Documenting Employee Performance Proven methods and tools for measuring and documenting employee performance and the benefits of doing so on a consistent basis for everyone in the organization.
Mediation in the Workplace Part 2 Use the seven steps of mediation
Meetings Suck!Make your meetings more productive and (dare we say) enjoyable!
Mindful Coaching Using Mindfulness to Help and Inspire Staff
Mindful Leadership: How Mindfulness Can Make You a Better Manager
Set the tone for a dynamic, positive, and nurturing environment
Missions, Visions, Goals OH MY: Making sense of my new position with all the buzzwords and challenges How a newly promoted manager or supervisor can figure out what a mission statement is and is not and how to set a clear goal for their team.
Molding Tomorrows Leaders: How to Mentor Your People Today 5 phases of a mentoring relationship and the importance of creating and using learning conversations.
MOTIVATING EMPLOYEES! What the Worlds Greatest Managers Do Differently! 6 top elements of motivation and also discover what the top six performance de-motivators are and how to keep them away from your organization.
Motivation from the Inside Out What it means to be motivated intrinsically, which is much more lasting and extrinsically
*NEW*Moving the Mountain: Hold Your Team Accountable for Values Based DecisionsHow to Set clear expectations based on your organization's values and Hold people accountable for results based on values and clear expectations
OCLC Competencies: Informing Work Plans and Performance AppraisalThe use of OCLC competencies in developing effective work plans for library employees at all levels and performance appraisal based on the same.
Overcoming the Fear of Feedback: Giving and Receiving Improve in areas of your work that will make your job and career more enjoyable.
*NEW*Own It: Leadership Redefined Through Employee EngagementThe path to organizational growth is through employee engagement.
Performance Gap Analysis Set in motion what is required to get the employee to the desired level of performance.
*NEW*Planning Your Own In-Service Dayfresh ideas that will cost little or no money, will motivate library employees to enhance job related skills, and provide an opportunity to continue the conversation beyond in-service day.
PR Tactics That WorkKnowing the right tactics and strategies can make a big difference in whether your messages are really heard, understood, and remembered.
*NEW*Professional and Tactful CommunicationIf you have limited experience with communicating professionally, or are looking for new ways to help your message be heard, this is the webinar for you!
Providing Constructive (Not Destructive) Feedback That Gets Results Let team members know how they are doing and whether they are meeting your performance expectations.
Psychological First Aide in Libraries Help guide librarians with appropriate conversations and resources.
*NEW*Putting Out Big Fires: How to Prepare for Unexpected ProblemsExplore major issues that our libraries have faced and could potentially face
Re-Humanizing the Manager to Employee RelationshipFocuses on managers treating employees they way the want to be treated in their communication with them and seven other areas of “re-humanizing” our workplace relationships.
*NEW*Re-Imagined Tips for New Managers and SupervisorsGuidance on essential skills including meeting the expectations of others, coaching and appraising staff, getting informed, managing up, down, and sideways, and keeping your skills fresh, too.
Recruiting the “New Age” Volunteerthe changing nature of today’s volunteers and show Friends groups how they can retool to engage today’s most active (and younger!) volunteers.
Resolving Situations of Conflict Within a Team Conflict is not necessarily destructive. When managed properly, conflict can result in benefits for a team.
Roles and Responsibilites of Boards and Board MembersBasics of effective governance by outlining the basic roles and responsibilities of the board and examining strategies for building effective boards.
*NEW*Say It Only Once! Learn three tactics to massively improve your manager/employee interactions so you can trust your employees to do what you ask the first time.
*NEW*Scheduling with Ease: How to Create a Schedule that Works for You and Your EmployeesLearn best practices and supporting processes to use to help you more efficiently (and hopefully with less stress) create better schedules.
Smoothing Out The Workplace Transitions
Methods, approaches, and practical techniques everyone should put into place now to ensure seamless transitions
So You Think You Want to Be a Manager: What the Job Description Won't Tell YouReview expectations that people often have about managerial positions and how those expectations compare to reality.
*NEW*Solving Your Delegating DilemmaLearn ways to establish clear expectations and opportunities for your employees to continuously learn and grow.
Something to Talk About: Creating Dialogue and Transforming Viewpoints Through Library and Community Collaboration
Create programs to encourage a community-wide conversation on underlying racial, political, etc. issues.
Spotlight on Talent: Human Capital ManagementThe three elements of human capital management: talent acquisition, talent management and talent optimization impact your organization.
Staff and Volunteers: Vital Links to Your Customer Service Success Your library's image, reputation, growth and actual survival are dependent on excellent customer service and satisfaction.
Staff Competencies: From Expectations to ExcellenceAssess and encourage staff and develop a culture of learning at your library.
Staff Training that Wows!! Even When Resources are Limited Staff members who are kept up-to-date, with refreshed skills, are happier and serve the customer more effectively.
Strategic Planning for Library Professionals High level steps you need to take to produce a strategic plan to set your library up for success.
*NEW*Strategic Planning: The Four Frame ApproachThe four frames and a method of collecting community input from a variety of perspectives.
Succession Planning for Libraries Succession planning enables your organization to identify talented employees and develop them for when you need them the most.
*NEW*Supporting and Developing StaffHow to recognize ways to create opportunities for leadership in your library setting and situations
Take the Lead and Others Just May FollowFind and develop our inner leader.
*NEW*Take Your People Skills to the Next Level Learn how to break unhelpful habits and mindsets and communicate in a more clear, direct, and engaging manner.
Taking the First Steps to Being a Respected Manager or Supervisor Ideal for the newer manager or supervisor and for professionals that have been identified as being promoted to management level in the future.
Tapping into your Employees' Talents If they are doing what they are naturally good at, they will provide excellent service.
Teaching Leadership from Within: Formalizing Leadership Training within Your OrganizationIdeas and formats for creating an intentional and intensive leadership training program for employees at all levels.
*NEW*Ten Practical Tips for the New Rural Library DirectorWorking with staff, boards, and the community to create a strong and vibrant library.
The 5 Tough Conversations New Managers Will HaveDealing, redirecting, correcting, helping and coordinating
The 8 Dimensions of Leadership: Being More Than a One-Dimensional Leader! Identify the dimension(s) in which you'd like to grow, learn leadership lessons to help you get there
The 8 Dimensions of Leadership: Being More Than a One-Dimensional Leader! Part 1 A peak into this new research based work so you understand the psychological drivers, motivations, and blind spots characteristic of your style.
The 20 Second Talk
Concise, specific scripts to identify problem behaviors and their solution
*NEW*The 2019 Horizon Report - Higher Education Explore those developments,
trends, and challenges, with an eye toward finding ways to apply
that first-rate content to our own training-teaching-learning offerings
for staff and other library users.
*NEW*The Art in Community PartnershipsIdeas and examples of libraries partnering with organizations in their communities collaborating on programs and events in music, art, theatre, writing, idea exchange, crafts and crafts more
The Art of Supervising Part 1 Creating a Motivating Environment ~ what motivation is and what it isn't.
The Art of Supervising Part 2 The Power of Praise, well discover why praise is so important and how to use it effectively.
The Art of Supervising Part 3 Coaching for a Win-Win, effective coaching and counseling that will help reduce the need for reprimands
*NEW*The Basics of Project ManagementWhether you are new to Project Management or are looking for a refresher, this program is for you!
The First 90 Days: A Guide for New Leaders Structured approach to strategies and steps needed to build a solid foundation
The Five Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace Things that you can do to help others receive the appreciation they need and to help you to receive the appreciation that you desire.
The Five Practices of LeadershipWe all start with innate talents and abilities. We also have the chance to hone and develop our skills over time. In the end, leadership is an ongoing practice, and our successes are determined by the people that we lead.
*NEW*The Florida Library Associations New Innovation LabWhat types of materials are accepted, the submission process, and the benefits and opportunities for sharing and participating.
The Four Levels of Evaluating Your Training ProgramsFor everyone who designs and delivers training in their organizations, either formally or informally.
The Four Major Energy Blocks Leaders Encounter and Strategies to Overcome ThemIn this interactive and informative webinar, Jenna Cooley will share the four major energy blocks and strategies to overcome them.
The Four Stages of Project ManagementThe four stages of project management: Where do we start? What does each stage entail? What are critical aspects of each of the four stages?
*NEW*The Fundamentals of Project Management The basics of project management for those who are not familiar with €œhow€ the project management process works including a 5 step approach that you can use to take your project from conception to completion and evaluation.
The Managers Guide to Overcoming Barriers to Execution Everything you need to improve overall efficiency and execution.
THE Most Effective Way to Motivate StaffIf you would like staff that are more motivated, set and achieve goals and self-regulate, understanding how motivation occurs at a very deep level is essential.

The Nonverbal Pitfalls and Perks of the Interviewing Process Nonverbal elements that can influence your decision and interviewing process
The Numbers Game: Quantifying the UnquantifiableMoving beyond the numbers we can assess the true value of the library to the community.
*NEW*The Seven Roles We Play as Leaders of Our Lives and OthersRaise their self-awareness about the roles leaders play in their personal and professional relationships.
The Seven Roles We Play as Leaders of Our Lives and OthersRaise their self-awareness about the roles leaders play in their personal and professional relationships.
*NEW*The Times They Are A-Changing: Using LinkedIn for RecruitmentLearn how to turn LinkedIn into a tool that supports your recruitment efforts as well as your reference efforts.
The Trustee Training Series: How to Hire a Director Legal things trustees need to know when considering their decisions and processes
The Trustee Training Series: Long-Range Planning Part 1 Who should assist the board and trustees in the planning process.
The Trustee Training Series: Long-Range Planning Part 2 How-tos of writing the goals and objectives for the plan
The Trustee Training Series: Setting Policy What policies should we create and how should we do it?
*NEW*Time Management vs Energy Management - Your Secret to SuccessGain the secrets to get more done, in less time and achieve the work/life balance you want.
*NEW*Tools to Build Your Library's Political CapitalPolitical campaign and community organizing tactics to influence politicians and win elections.
*NEW*Tuning Out White Noise: Marketing Modern LibrariesA 'line of sight' approach with tailored and targeted marketing.
Understanding and Applying the Five Levels of Leadership Understand the differences between the levels, and then learn how to climb the ladder of leadership
*NEW*Understanding Yourself as a FollowerThe meaning of followership and how you can incorporate this understanding into your work.
Understanding Yourself as a LeaderIncrease your effectiveness and positively impact staff members and patrons.
*NEW*Using Your Brain for a ChangeRe-wiring your brain to get it working for you
*NEW*Ways to Spot (and Hopefully Keep) an Exceptional EmployeeExplore the habits of exceptional employees.
*NEW*What Are They Saying Behind Your Back? Candidate Experience Counts!The hiring process as a reflection of your organizations values and making sure you are sending the right message
*NEW*Whats My style Whats Your Style The Keys to Improved CommunicationOpen up powerful communication opportunities improving relationships and team success.
When to Coach and When to Manage Managers and supervisors must successfully coach and manage them through the ups and downs of any given day or situation.
When, What and Why to Delegate to Your EmployeesUnderstanding what and what not to delegate. Choosing the appropriate employee(s) to delegate to.
When, What and Why to Delegate to Your EmployeesOvercoming common delegation pitfalls that will stop you from delegating it right
Winning Library Grants
Practical advice, easy grants for beginners, partnership ideas, and valuable resource lists