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17 + Ways to Nurture Patron RelationshipsIn this fast-paced 60-minute session, we'll talk about how to nurture relationships with your patrons to keep them coming back. 
*NEW*20 Comics in 60 MinutesDuring this 20 Comics in 60 Minutes program, library staff will be brought up to speed on the best kids, teen and adult comics and graphics novels of 2018.
*NEW*20 Stress Management Tools for the Holidays in 60 MinutesIn this session, you will learn 20 stress management tools to help you identify what triggers your stress, where your stress may be coming from and ways to manage it if it does come up.
A Design Thinking Approach to Encore Career Exploration Help Your 50 Plus Patrons or Yourself Discover the Next ActUse design thinking and other strategies to navigate the career exploration processes
*NEW*A Dozen Ways to Be Thankful Every Day of the YearIn this interactive and inspirational webinar program, you will learn a dozen methods and techniques to help you be (more) thankful every day of the year.
Activity Stations for StorytimeSelect activities that will engage a wide-age range of children and their parents
Adult Programming for the Non-ProgrammerIf you have limited experience with adult programming, and are unsure how to focus your programming efforts, this is the webinar for you!
Advising Readers of Young Adult LiteratureSpecific methods for advising readers of young adult literature, including questions to ask, approaches for readers of different ages, and the best resources to have on hand.
Advisory for Readers of Speculative FictionBook talks of fiction across the speculative fiction spectrum highlighting appeal factors and read-a-likes
All I Really Need to Know I Learned from ABC BooksLiteracy activities that can be shared with parents or caregivers who are interested in ways to enhance their own child’s exposure to books.
An Overview of Open Access PublishingWhat open access is, why it matters, and how librarians can learn more about it.
Are Your Children Too Old for Storytime? Want to learn how to better engage kids and Y/A’s from ages 6 to 18? And find ways to capture their attention and help them discover the escape the library has to offer?
*NEW*Ask the Expert About Library Safety and SecurityIn this interactive Question and Answer program with Captain Harry Katt, he will answer your questions and provide guidance on safety and security issues that libraries face every day.
Assess and Improve Information Literacy InstructionCommon practices and emerging assessments in the world of information literacy instruction, both for online and classroom use.
Assets to ActionA Common Sense Approach to Youth in the Library
Assuring Library Materials Can Be Used by Your CommunityDelve into ways of discerning the format needs of a community.
Author Events: Keeping the Author and the Audience HappyExplore what it takes to create and maintain successful author programs.
Banish Problem Patron From Your VocabularyCreate a more inclusive vision of customer service that serves both patrons and staff
Banned Books Week: NOW is the Time to Get ReadyPromote Banned Books Week this September!
Be Aware, Be Prepared: Making a Safety Plan for Your LibraryGet the structure in place to create your own plan by addressing this need through the lens of library services, patrons, and staff.
*NEW*Beginning Genealogy ServicesKnowing about free genealogy resources, both digital and physical, is one way to get started researching your genealogy. We all have a history and lack of funds should not be a barrier.
Beginning Readers 101Everything You Need to Know to Set Your Youngest Readers on the Road to Literacy
Beginning Readers 101: Emergent Literacy Made EasyBeginning Reader collections can be challenging both in terms of collection development and customer service.
Best Children's Books of 2014Be up to date on recently released board books, picture books, chapter books, and nonfiction books for children
Best Children's Books of 2015Identifying new titles for use in programs, displays, teacher collections, and class visits
Best Children's Books of 2017
Under the radar choices for programs and class visits, coverage of un-reviewed items, and suggestions for almost every facet of your collection.
*NEW*Best of 2018 Children's BooksMust have board, picture, and nonfiction books covers under the radar choices for programs and class visits, coverage of un-reviewed items, and suggestions for almost every facet of your collection.
Best of Children's Books 2016Overview of must have board, picture, and nonfiction books covers under the radar choices for programs and class visits, coverage of un-reviewed items, and suggestions for almost every facet of your collection.
Best of Manga 2016 and 2017An entire year of manga and review their appropriateness for library collections, as well as a look ahead at the best manga of 2017.
Best of the 2016 American Library Association Conference (Find Out What You Missed)Report on the Best of ALA and have plenty of resources and information for you to use in your work.
Best of the 2016 Public Library Association Conference (Find Out What You Missed) Keep up to date on the latest happenings from PLA
Best of the 2017 ALA ConferenceWe report back the Best of ALA and have plenty of resources and information for you to use in your work.
Best Practices for Teaching Public Computer ClassesGain skills and confidence in teaching public computer classes to library patrons. Learn curriculum design tips, classroom management techniques, and presentation tricks to help deliver effective digital skills classes.
Best Practices in Organizing and Running Computer Training SessionsDifferent ways to teach technology while touching on adult learning theory and giving you a leg up on developing training programs for your customers on both sides of your desk.
Best Series for Teen Anime ClubsChoose exciting and engaging anime series to screen, as well as fun and easy activities for teen participants.
Best Storytime Books of 2013: Tips, Tricks, and TrendsWe've got the best of the year 2013 in children's publishing with a detailed and annotated bibliography.
Best Teen Book Club ChoicesBest options in Young Adult literature for keeping teens engaged, interested, and talking up your book club to all of their friends.
Best Websites and Online Resources for Children: Home Help Made EasyWhat’s new, useful, and reliable in children’s online resources will refresh your inventory of go-to suggestions with targeted recommendations and practical application suggestions.
Beyond the Bookstore Model: Making Your Library User-FriendlyReview common existing classification schemes (Dewey and LOC) and highlight their benefits and issues.
Beyond the Teen Advisory Board - How Teen Volunteers Can Work for YouLearn practical methods for recruiting new volunteers, tips for task management, and the tricks of documenting volunteer contributions.
Bibliotherapy: Young Adult Fiction and Teens in CrisisExplore young adult fiction as a resource for educators and librarians who often deal with teenagers in crisis.
Board Books 101: From Selection to Programming Use and Everything In BetweenA robust round up of must have board books including under the radar items, choices for programs, and un-reviewed titles.
Board Books: Not Just for BabiesExpanding the audience, use, and circulation of your board book collection.
*NEW*Board Games, Rokus, Hotspots, and More: Circulating Nontraditional ItemsLibraries are adding everything from electronic devices such as Fitbits and blood pressure cuffs to pieces of equipment like cake pans and tools.
Booktalking: Harnessing the Power of Sharing Books with PatronsThe secret behind delivering great book talks
Building Great Programs for Seniors What subjects are of particular interest to today’s senior citizens and why
Building the Case and Space for Making A MakerspaceWondering what the fuss about makerspaces is all about or wonder how this could fit with public library service?
Celebrate the SeasonTransform Your LibraryCreate a welcoming and user-friendly environment
Children's Programming Ideas, Tips, & TricksThe latest and greatest from Pinterest and beyond for programming ideas you can act on for 2017.
Closing Time: Customer Service at the End of the DayPractical and sustainable techniques for dealing with and preventing difficult customer and staff situations
Comics Superheroes and Pop Culture in Your LibrarySuperhero comics as multiple genres!
*NEW*Communication First Aid at the Reference Desk: Serving the Library User with Cognitive and/or Physical Challenges Understanding the reasons for communication challenges; syncing with the other person’s “pace” or speed of response; improving signs and handouts; implementing different versions of the “reference interview” for different styles; knowing what to do and when to ask for help when “nothing works”, and respecting people who have communication challenges.
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau: Partnering with Libraries to Financially Empower PatronsHelp consumers fill critical financial knowledge gaps by providing and distributing easy-to-understand, behaviorally informed financial education.
Cosplay Programming for TeensLearn about several ways to program around cosplay for teens, how to invite local cosplayers to your programs, include cosplay and other pop culture materials in your collection development, and how to work cosplay into your other library programs!
Cover to Cover: Redefining Books and Library Collections in LearningHow evolving models of books affect the concept of developing and maintaining library collections that meet library users' needs.
*NEW*Creating a Circulating Toy CollectionDeveloping and launching a
successful education-based toy collection that is not just a fad or a
temporary attention-grabber, but an enduring collection with long-
term community benefits.
Creative Internships at Your LibraryBy recruiting students outside library school, libraries get interns with a wide range of skill sets, patrons get wonderful programs, and students get a unique opportunity to mold their own experience.
Curb Appeal: The Library EditionTopics include first impressions, removing clutter, common fixes, the importance of light and color, improving signs, and keeping the library safe for the elderly, infirmed, and children.
Customer KISSDiscover how having the steps organized in a fun structure makes it easy to remember what to do to make your customers happy.
Customer Service ExperienceExplore the yes and no experiences that both the internal and external customers want and expect
Customer Service for Challenged LibrariesHaving an understanding of your community's pressures can help ease tense situations and having the right tools and the correct attitude in place enables library staff to withstand even the most challenging situations.
Customer Service Recovery: What to Do When We Fail Our CustomersHow library employees can empower their departments and organizations to respond (and not react) when service failures happen and how to anticipate customer service problems and failures to retain and create loyal customers.
De-Mystifying Manga: An Introduction for Patrons of All AgesTips for keeping up on the latest media releases and trends, and for keeping your collection topical and age-appropriate.
Dealing With Challenging Patrons: Safety and Security At Our LibraryLearn safe workplace behaviors, security measures, and how to activate your “high- risk” customer service skills.
Dealing with Difficult Teens from the Public Service DeskLearn to communicate effectively with a variety of young adults from diverse backgrounds while remaining unbiased and non-judgmental about their interests, needs, and lifestyle.
Demystifying Genre: How To Help Every Type of ReaderEngage readers of any genre in meaningful and successful Readers Advisory conversations.
Developing Communities of LearningCommunities of learning can help assure that learning accompanies learners out of the classroom and back into those settings where it can produce positive results.
Developing Patron Training in the LibraryThis interactive and informative webinar program will cover the basics of developing patron-training programs, understanding adult learning needs, and dealing with difficult situations.
*NEW*Digging Up Your Roots: An Introduction to Genealogical ResearchParticipants will be able to get organized for genealogical research, learn how to use genealogical research tools and more...
Digital Literacy for Everyone
Understanding a broader perspective on hardware, software, and the Internet.
Diversity in ComicsCollection development best practices, favorite resources, and philosophical approach to building and curating a diverse graphic novel collection.
Embrace the Holidays: Tips and Tricks to lead your staff and community through the seasonLearn some unique ways to embrace the holidays and include your staff, patrons as well as the community in a series of worthwhile projects and events.
Emotional Customer ServiceBuilding of relationships with your patrons and co-workers and the benefits of doing so for everyone in your workplace.
Encore Career Search Strategies: Helping Your Patrons Find Their Way to Meaningful WorkHelp older patrons compete successfully for jobs by steering them toward resources that match their needs, and by helping them find (economical) ways to develop new job search skill.
Engaging Learners: Connected Learning for Library Staff and Library UsersThe basic tenets of Connected Learning, provide examples of how it is used in a variety of settings, and provide you with principles and practices you can easily adapt within your own library.
Engaging Literacy Information PresentationsBetter prepare for the classroom and presentation techniques to reach as many students as possible. 
Engaging Sports Fans at Your LibraryThe psychology of the sports fan is somewhat unique and can give us glimpses into the ways libraries can appeal to them, grab their attention, and ultimately serve them.
Engaging the Community More Fully in the Library - Creating Collaborative Partnerships in the CommunityEffectively develop, nurture, and sustain levels of engagement involving library staff and other community members working to achieve mutually beneficial goals that improve our communities.
Essentials of Copyright and Fair Use Copyright’s impact on traditional library activities such as lending, photocopying, and interlibrary loan. You will leave primed to navigate the choppy waters of copyright.
Event Planning 101: You're Already an Event Planner… Here's How to Be an Even Better OneGuidance on navigating library structure, policies, personalities and more to create a signature event.
Everything You Need to Know About Musical StorytimesFind a greater foundation for presenting literacy skills in a fun interactive way.
Extending Our Collaborative Partnerships with Community Members Face to Face and OnlineRethink approaches to social media tools as platforms for fostering collaboration.
Family Programming: Making Mixed Age Groups WorkFamily life plays an important role in the development of the literacy skills of its members. Multigenerational programs offers flexibility in staffing and program offerings as well as opportunities to promote family based literacy-building skills.
Financial Literacy for All! Learn about and how its free materials can help you expand your patrons’ know-how about managing money, using credit, and dealing with debt.
Finding, Supervising, and Motivating Community Library VolunteersDevelop a volunteer program with the focus that works for your library's needs.
Five Million and Counting: Serving Patrons with Alzheimer's and Dementia Ways your library can serve this often forgotten population.
*NEW*Fostering Intergenerational Programs at the Libraryhis webinar will discuss why intergenerational relationships are important,  explore ways your library can help strengthen intergenerational connections through programming, space allocation, and interactive exhibits.
Free Comic Book Day: A How-ToJoin two graphic novel enthusiasts and longtime collection developers as they provide an overview on Free Comic Book Day, what titles to select and how to acquire them and Free Comic Book Day programing.
From Budgeting to BlanketfortsHow to start, which programs work best, creating a book club, and marketing in new ways to reach a new audience.
From One Red Dot to Press HereOverview of books that require kids to lift, peek, press, fold, touch, dance, wiggle and giggle!
Gamification 101Gamification uses game mechanics and rewards for non-game applications in order to increase engagement, knowledge transfer, and loyalty.
Geek Out @ Your Library
Shift from a consumer to a creator culture in the geek community.
Geeky Programs at the LibraryThis fast-paced webinar will share tips, tricks, resources and ideas to make your library “geekier” and fun.
Genealogy & Family History Research SimplifiedHelping Patrons Find Their Family Heritage & More
Generational Harmony: Teaching, Training and InteractingPractical tips for understanding people of any generation.
Get Them To Use Your Stuff: Tips and Tricks for Helping Customers Use TechnologyHow to help your customers (and staff) use (and explain) your “hidden in plain sight digital services.”
GoPro© (Camera) in Your LibraryViewing the GoPro footage from a diverse sample of customers can help you and your staff see what is working well and change what needs improvement.
Graphic Novels 101: From Newb to Know-How in 60 minutes!De-mystify the secrets behind the hottest growing collection of public libraries across the country.
Graphic Novels for AdultsHelp dispel common assumptions about graphic novels, expand the understanding of comics beyond superheroes, and provide content specific to serving adults.
Graphic Novels: An Introduction for Patrons of all AgesTwo graphic novel enthusiasts and longtime collection developers will share the secrets of purchasing, organizing and preserving graphic novels and comics in the library for all ages.
Hackathons: An Innovative Approach to Digital InstructionHarnessing groupthink as libraries across the country challenge their patrons and students to come together
Helping Customers (and Staff) Who Have Little Technology Literacy"How to's" for basic technology literacy also some great resources for basic technology training for you and your staff to use and share with your customers.
Helping Our Military Patrons (and Families) Outsmart the Scammers and Fraudsters Specific tips for dealing with consumer issues of particular interest and concern to the military community.
Helping Your Patrons Tell Their Life StoryLibrary staff have the unique opportunity to support patrons in their life review projects by helping demystify the process.
Helping Your Patrons with Identity TheftSteps your patrons can take if they suspect identity theft
*NEW*Highly Effective Community Partnerships Staff time to do this work is limited, so we need to understand how to make the most of our opportunities.
Holiday Programming on a “Holiday” Conscious BudgetIdeas and techniques that are guaranteed to re-invigorate your love for the holidays and infuse your library’s calendar with creative, fun-filled, and even educational (!) programs
Horizon Reports 2017: Transforming Information Into ActionKey findings in the report and include plenty of time for participants to compare their own workplace-based observations and develop rudimentary action plans for using those findings to the benefit of those they serve.
Horror Readers Advisory - How to Help Your Scariest PatronsHow to work with horror readers, explain the appeal of horror, book talk some of the genre’s most popular authors, present the current trends, and go over the most useful resources.
How Do I? The New Reference QuestionLearn how to recognize patterns in technology to offer assistance across devices,
How Green is Your Library?Explore the current state of the art of being green at work
How to Bring a Free Online Driver's Education Program to Your LibraryLearn the benefits of offering the program to their patrons and will be given insight on the opportunity to have free, educational traffic safety related quizzes on their organizational websites.
How to Talk to Teens About Books“My Son or Daughter Simply Loved Divergent!” or How to Talk to Teens About Books
How to Tell Your Library's Stories of ImpactProcess to help libraries tell these stories in easy and engaging ways.
Howdy Partner! Working with Other Organizations in Your Community: Find the Right Partner, Find the Right FitBuilding relationships with other organizations that share your library’s mission
I Can't Reach It Shelving and Layout in the Childrens DepartmentIs your space functioning at its best at each point along the growth curve?
Increasing Motivation in Library UsersApply motivational theories and identify areas for change and improvement
Inspire Your Community with an Innovation LabHow the Harford County (MD) Public Library Innovation Lab turned an underused space into a magnet for public creativity.
Intellectual Freedom and the Collection Management PolicyUnderstand the core concepts of Intellectual Freedom and how they apply to collection development so that your library is fulfilling its mission in your community.
Interview with Kathy Pape: Leaving Your Library's Footprint in the CommunityEstablishing your library as the community's first and foremost source for collaboration and information.
iPads and Tablets in Children's Programming: A How TosSmart integration into children's programming
Is It Time to Change the Displays Again? Try the Magic of Merchandising!Learn strategies behind good displays, signage, and promotion, including improving customers' usage of, and perspectives of, the library via the science of merchandising.
Job Fairs: Yes, You Can!The job fair process.
Learning and Libraries: Designing Engaging Learning for Library Staff and UsersEngage participants in an interactive review of a few models that can be used in situations ranging from a learner's immediate moment of need to the more extended periods of time.
Libraries as Partners in Lifelong LearningWork toward expanding involvement in lifelong learning efforts that serve their communities.
Library Ambassador Leading a K-12 Faculty Outreach Initiative (Mostly) on Your Own
Library of the Future: Creating, Rather Than Riding the WaveTake advantage of new developments to continue creating a library of the future that meets our communities’ varied needs.
Library Workplace Empowerment: Creating a Culture of Accountability Tools you need to foster a culture of accountability within your library staff.
Literacy Doodads Not Just Letter Magnets on the Fridge Any More!Powerful learning tools in storytimes, presentations, or just one-on-one with a child.
Local Authors 101 - How to Find Them, Host Them, and Keep Them HappyThe logistics behind working with local authors, and discover the ways we can create beneficial partnerships with them.
Low to No Cost Customer Service ImprovementsBest practices and gives examples Low and No Cost Customer Service Improvements that are being utilized in 5 Key Areas
*NEW*Mission Not-ImpossibleAt the conclusion of the webinar, participants will get resources to trace Native American ancestry.
Models for Future Library ServicesExplore multiple future models for libraries, including some already taking shape today, and challenges you to rethink what your library will be doing in five years.
More Than Crafts: Implementing learning activities and experiences in your storytimesEarly literacy programs that promote and foster both reading and STEM skills.
*NEW*Moving Your Services into Your CommunityAfter this webinar, participants will be able to: Explain the value of moving services into your community and more...
Must Read Fall Fiction for Young AdultsVariety of YA fiction being released in the fall and winter of 2015.
Navigating Japanese Media: Manga and Anime for Your Teen CollectionTips for keeping up on the latest media releases and trends, find resources for collection development and reader's advisory, and learn tricks for keeping your collection age-appropriate.
Nonfiction MattersOutstanding Informational Books for Children
Nonfiction Matters 2: Outstanding Informational Books of 2015 from Preschool to Middle GradesThe best titles of 2015 for children aged preschool thru middle grades with a few program ideas and pairings along the way.
*NEW*Not Just for Kids: Book Displays for AdultsBook displays for adults engage customers, promote the flow of information, and highlight the libraryÂs role as a space that is in-touch with its community.
Off the Beaten Path: Taking Your Storytime in New DirectionsPractical ideas for creating storytimes built around themes that are unusual, creative and can meet specific programming goals.
Once Upon a Storytime: Sharing Folk and Fairytales in Children’s ProgramsThe variety and types stories available as well as program pairings, collection uses, and collection promotion opportunities.
*NEW*Partnering with the Federal Trade Commission to Protect Your PatronsEveryone is a consumer -- and scammers target people from diverse communities in unique ways. FTC has free tools, tailored for various audiences; they can help you help all your patrons.
*NEW*Picture Books for School Age ReadersOverview of the genre, an overview of new titles, and discuss tools you can use.
PinterestChildren's Program Planning, Idea Sharing, and Advertising
*NEW*Planning Successful Library Events with PartnersLearn about a range of different programming ideas for arranging their own collaborative event series
Practical Considerations for Successfully Obtaining Library GrantsPractical ideas and resources in how to write your first grant proposal or to become more successful in current grant writing efforts.
Preparing for DisasterCommon types of disasters and elements of a disaster preparedness plan
*NEW*Promoting Your Collections Messaging, Merchandising and MoreExample messages that illustrate the concept of “WIIFM” — What’s In It For Me?
Public Libraries and the Common Core Curriculum: Overview and ResourcesWhat do the new Common Core State Standards mean for public libraries?
*NEW*RA For All This program will remove the mystery behind providing great RA service.
*NEW*RA Rethink: Using Next Level Data to Improve MerchandisingHelp you increase your circulation numbers and create happier and more engaged patrons.
Raising the Floor on Access to TechnologyHow GPII works and how your library can get involved.
Reader's Advisory BasicsDoes your reader's advisory program need a boost? Do you need some new titles to get excited about?
*NEW*Reader's Advisory Mysteries Solved: How Sisters in Crime Can HelpSisters in Crime, a national organization of mystery writers, can help you!
Reader's Advisory: All About GenresKnowing the trends, hot books, and top authors in currently popular genres and how to book-talk them helps us provide better service to our patrons.
READiscoverAdapt several activities (license plate literacy, song parodies, maps, booklists, recipe math, riddles, crafts, trivia and more) to your state for summer-spanning fun for kids, teens and families.
Recharge Your Book ClubHow to confidently identify and utilize the best resources for leading a book discussion, pick books that will engender the best conversations, lead a more interactive discussion even with the most jaded of groups.
Recommended Read Alouds, Ages 0-6This overview of must have board and picture books covers under the radar choices for programs and class visits, coverage of un-reviewed items, and suggestions for almost every facet of your programming calendar.
Rediscovering the Lost Art of Customer Service - Part 1Polishing Your E-mail, Voice Mail, and Telephone Etiquette
Rediscovering the Lost Art of Customer Service - Part 2How to handle difficult patrons
Replacing Your Backlist: From New Cover Art to Media Tie-Inâ€Â™s
Be up to date on recently released backlist and media tie-in items
Library Partnerships with SCORELearn how SCORE with the partnership of local libraries is providing counseling/mentoring to small business start-ups and those community members already in business.
*NEW*Sensory Storytime 101: Where to Start and How to Make It Amazing!Providing programming for families impacted both autism and/or developmental disabilities is an impactful way for the library to be an inclusive and supportive resource for families.
*NEW*Serving Older Adult Patrons and Their Care PartnersIncreasing your awareness of the aging process and developing empathy for older adults functional losses.
Serving Older Youth with Special NeedsLearn more about this population and how disabilities, particularly autism, manifest themselves at older ages.
*NEW*Serving the UnderservedLearn to assess the need for outreach in their communities and develop an outreach plan
Serving the Underserved of Your CommunityIdentifying and understanding your community's underserved population will open your eyes to a new world of acquisitions and event programming.
*NEW*Serving Youth in CareLearn how to navigate these settings and agencies and understand common terms and situations.
*NEW*Sharing Your Library's Stories of ImpactDraw more people to the library, enable donors and funders to see the deep value provided, and help ensure our libraries continue to thrive and grow.
Simple Storytelling: A How-To for Children's LibrariansAre you terrified of oral storytelling? Think you can't memorize a tale? Join two former terrified Children's Librarians on the path to recovery.
Solo LibrarianshipSolo librarianship presents unique challenges and opportunities.
*NEW*Spanish Storytime Where to Start and How to Do It even if you barely speak SpanishTips and tricks to make your bilingual storytime a success
*NEW*Spine-Chilling Ideas for Halloween at Your LibraryFrom social media accounts to interactive patron programs, to decorations and displays.
Spine-Chilling Ideas for Halloween at Your LibraryFrom social media accounts to interactive patron programs, to decorations and displays.
*NEW*Staying in Genre ShapeStay abreast of current trends in genre fiction
STEM, STEAM, & Everything In Between - Guaranteed Successful Strategies for Public LibrariesParticipants will also learn of the Next Generation Science Standards and how they compliment the Common Core State Standards Initiative.
*NEW*Steps to Becoming a More Inclusive and Diverse Library for Young Readers Increase access to diverse content and foster culturally competent learning environments.
Story Time Trios Three theme related titles grouped to make storytime planning a breeze!
Storytime ToolsFrom Developing Literacy to Encouraging Motor Skills with Books, Music, and Crafts
Strategic Program Planning: A How ToUse a strategic approach to make the most of your program planning time.
Successful Book Talks for Kids and Teens Tips, Tricks, and TrendsOverview of several book talk styles complete with insider tips for success.
Supporting Kindergarten PreparednessKindergarten readiness for both common core and common core based curriculums as well as best practices for serving older preschoolers.
Supporting Teacher Collections, Class Visits and School Projects: Tips and Tricks for SuccessTips and tricks to make these in-demand and sometimes challenging services work.
Taking the Fear Out of How-To FestsEasy, low-cost how-to fest ideas for adults from age 20 and beyond.
Tech for the Non-Techie: Helping Your Patrons Troubleshoot Tablets And MoreThis webinar is for front-line staff, their managers and supervisors, and specifically those who work in reference services with patrons of all ages.
The 2014 Horizon Report for LibrariesElectronic publishing, Mobile apps, Bibliometrics and citation technologies, Open content
The 2016 Horizon Report (Higher Education Edition), Technology, and Learning: What's in It for LibrariesHow the key trends, significant challenges, and important developments in educational technology affect library staff and users alike
*NEW*The A to Zs of Event PlanningThe time and effort involved in planning and conducting a special event is significant. Part project management, budget oversight, marketing, and food and beverage planning, it's a challenge!
The Adult Programming Struggle: Time For a New DirectionMethods to determine the interest of your adult patrons & identify potential partners for programming
*NEW*The Art of Saying No to the PatronHow to say no in a way that maintains the loyalty you've worked so hard to earn.
The Best New Children's and Young Adult Books for 2013Learn about what's best in recent picture books, novels, poetry, and nonfiction. 
*NEW*The Best of Digital Media for Storytimes and other Library Programming and How to Use ItExperienced advice and guidance on planning and executing digital storytime and other programs as well as how to best identify digital resources.
*NEW*The Community is the CollectionHow community engagement is not a position or the task within the library - it is the purpose of the library and influences all parts of the organization.
The Future of Libraries: Exploring Lifelong Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Entrepreneurship TrainingThis highly-interactive one-hour exploration of how recent developments in artificial intelligence, programs focused on developing entrepreneurial skills (particularly through library makerspaces), and more...
The Horizon Report, Technology and Learning: What's In It for LibrariesThe NMC Horizon Report Higher Education edition, scheduled for release in February 2014, explores how the key trends, significant challenges, and important developments in educational technology affect library staff and users alike.
*NEW*The Library as a Unique Venue for Community EventsHow to create a revenue stream for corporate event business, not the private events
The Patron Loyalty Program: Inviting Incentives to Engage Library PatronsExplore The Patron Loyalty Program in this fun and interactive webinar through the lens of the circulation desk, as well as adult programming and outreach.
The Quiet Approach for Serving CustomersThis interactive and informative program will give attendees the tools that they need to be more successful and in-control in their customer interactions.
The Revival of Spontaneous Customer ServiceCustomer Service is situational (not every interaction fits the script) and the customer cares more about the person helping them than the words (the script) they are using.
The Rhythm is Going to Get You: Using Music in Library Programs for ChildrenWhether you are a seasoned veteran looking to refresh your offerings or a rookie not sure where to start, we will move beyond the research, providing participants with program ideas, playlists, and resources to expand the role of music in programming for children of all ages.
Tools to Connect with Library Users and the CommunityHelp you manage your library's social media, create tutorials, do reader's advisory, and more.
Tools to Enhance Websites and MarketingOnline (and free!) tools that can help you enhance, design and test your library's website, create promotional materials and more.
Train the Trainer: Fundamentals of Adult Education for People Who Train OthersProvide you with the foundation for creating training programs that connect to your learners and empower them to apply the materials taught.
*NEW*City Directories-Uncovering Clues About Your CommunityJoin us to learn about an often-overlooked resource to use when gathering information for family or local histories--city directories.
*NEW*Understanding and Defending Digital Copyright Understanding digital license agreements, and how you can advocate for the best access for your patrons
Understanding and Defending Digital Copyright Understanding digital license agreements, and how you can advocate for the best access for your patrons
Understanding and Managing Teen Behavior in LibrariesThe ‘whys’ of teen behavior from the brain to society & how to communicate to teens better and de-escalate any tense situations.
Understanding Generational PovertyEnable you and your staff to better serve your patrons and gain a greater understanding of a nationwide concern.
Using Technology to Help Those with Special NeedsAssist and engage with your special needs population through apps, devices and suggestions to improve your online and in person customer service.
*NEW*Using the ADDIE Model to Create Library Training SessionsAttendees will extend their knowledge of ADDIE by discovering how to apply the ADDIE model to create library training.
Virtual Learning for Your Library How can you better serve the patrons who frequent your virtual branch?
*NEW*Weeding 101: What to Keep What to Toss and What to ReplaceMaintain the quality and relevance of your collection through ongoing evaluation including use of the CREW method
Weeding 101: What to Keep, What to Toss, & What to Replace
What goes? What stays? What if I need that some day?
Weeding: The Action
*NEW*What is That Little Box in the Front of Your House - The Little Library Movement and its Impact on Individuals and LibrariesLearn about the actual experiences of this Little Free Library owner with suggestions for putting up your own Little Free Library, either in your own yard, in a park or public space, or in front of your "real" library.
What Libraries Need To Know To Help Local Businesses SucceedBetter see, hear, and understand the challenges of small business success.
What To Do When A Patron Asks You About Writing a BookPros and cons of traditional, self-, and e-publishing.
*NEW*Whats to Come in 2018?Current trends in adult leisure collections and teach you the tips and tricks you can use to stay in the know all year long.
*NEW*Word of Mouth MarketingTechniques and framework required to help Word of Mouth Marketing take off at your Library.
Working with Other Organizations in Your Community: Find the Right Partner, Find the Right FitBy building relationships with other organizations that share your library’s mission, you will enhance the quality of life in your community and in turn build library advocates outside of your current network. 
Y/A Must-Reads of 2014
Learn about must-have titles in Young Adult fiction, non-fiction, and graphic novels released in 2014.
*NEW*Yoga Storytime 101This webinar will provide a basic introduction to yoga storytime.
Youth Assets and Libraries: 40 Developmental Assets - Part 1How to create stronger and more resilient ways of connecting with your Teens and various way to keep them involved.
Youth Assets and Libraries: 40 Developmental Assets - Part 2Putting it Together: Networking and YOU as the resource!
Youth Assets and Libraries: 40 Developmental Assets - Part 3Building vibrant Teen involvement in the library and how the framework of the Assets aligns perfectly with the mission of libraries.