skills development

4 Ways to Maintain Calm and Make Decisions Under PressureYou can learn how to maintain your calm in the middle of any chaos and how to make sound decisions under pressure.
10 Poor Work Habits to Eliminate to Improve Your Work LifeBad work habits usually develop over time…for example, you may find that you are late to meetings, that you deliver reports after deadlines or that you have low productivity.
10 Ways of Successfully Dealing with Toxic People Focus on how to recognize, appreciate, respect and master the art of persuasion.
10 Ways that Practicing Gratitude Can Change Your LifeOne of the actions that has had the biggest effect on the lives of others is the realization of the power of gratitude.
15 Questions to Ask to Help You Reveal Your Life’s PurposeExplores ways to live it with all of the challenges, upheavals and responsibilities that come along in your life.
20 Tips to Help You Get the Information You Need Information that they need to adjust their attitudes toward stressful situations and techniques to handle the negative voice inside of us
*NEW*20 Ways to Build Customer Relationships in 60 MinutesThis interactive and informative webinar will focus on 20 Ways to Build and Strengthen Your Customer Relationships
30 Things to Start Doing for Yourself
Make doing things for ourselves a priority.
52 Things To Be Grateful For In Our Lives Incorporate short-term strategies into your daily life that will work for you.
100+ Places To Educate Yourself Online For FREE A wealth of resources for “free” lifelong learning.
A Tune-Up For Managing Your Career! Unlock your creativity and to give you a fresh perspective on the problems
A User's Guide to Lifelong LearningLearn methods to help combat procrastination, how to use diffuse and focused learning strategies and how technology is rapidly changing the learning landscape.
Actively Listening in a Loud, Distracting WorldExplore techniques and tools that will give us the edge on listening and communicating more effectively.
Adaptive Communications Reasons for change and why most of us resist it. W also learn how to deal with that resistance in others and in ourselves.
Administering and Managing Outsourced People and Projects At Your LibraryLearn the tools and tips you need to keep track of non-employee contractors and teams as well as some of the legal issues to keep in mind when working with non-employees.
Adopting An Attitude of Gratitude Everyday! Ensure that you are covering all the bases while remaining flexible for the many changes in information access.
Angry Customers: What to Do The Next Time They Want To Explode On YouStraightens out the confusion associated with using those words in our writing.
Are You Listening? Take the initiative to communicate new ideas, innovations and suggest better ways to accomplish work
Asking Questions That Get Answers Not Looks of Confusion Practical, easy-to-use methods to actually change your thinking
Assumed Trust: What It Is, How to Keep and Build It and Why Your Organization Won’t Survive Without ItAssumed trust is the trust that is given to us by our internal and external customers that requires us to do what promise.
Awareness of Human Trafficking in LibrariesLearn what to do, who to call, and how to help
Be a Networking NinjaTips and techniques on how to network and with whom.
Becoming the Employee Organizations Strive to Keep Explore several different mental skills that you can immediately apply to become a more conscious critical thinker.
Being More Creative at Work Deal with this often uncomfortable topic and the situations that can occur in the workplace.
Best of the 2017 American Library Association Mid-Winter ConferenceJoin us for an interactive and informative hour and keep up to date on the latest happenings from ALA's Mid-Winter Conference including the much talked about Symposium on the Future of Libraries.
Best of the 2018 Public Library Association ConferenceReporting back the Best of PLA and have plenty of resources and information for you to use in your work.
Both Sides of Organizational ChangeChange from both perspectives---manager and front line employee and explore some of the tested principles of change management and how they really impact each individual in the organization.
Both Sides of Organizational ChangeExplore some of the tested principles of change management and how they really impact each individual in the organization.
Brain Health: A Use-It-Or-Lose-It StrategyProactively take control of your brain health.
Change: Obstacle for Growth or Obstacle to Overcome? Improving your communication skills by helping you understand your style and the needs of others.
Choosing Optimism For Success: Putting Positive Psychology to Work for You!Cultivate better relationships with others, improved work satisfaction and performance, and greater resilience in the face of adversity.
Collection Management Policies Idea of Emotional Intelligence and why interest in the field is increasing.
Come Together, Right Now: The Way We Collaborate to Ensure System Wide Thinking System wide thinking through multiple forms of communication – including monthly and weekly meetings and wiki sharing.
Common Communication Problems and How You Can Be More Effective the Next Time
What we've got here is a failure to communicate.
Communicating Up What are emotions anyway? Are we even aware of them when they happen? Can we control them?
Conquering Your Limiting Beliefs Probing how our emotions affect how we interact with others.
*NEW*Creating Authentic RelationshipsIn this webinar, you will learn what it means to be truly authentic in your work relationships.
Critically Thinking Your Way to New Levels of Success Techniques to help you change the messages from blame to gain.
Customer Complaints: Better than GoldFostering an attitude of gratitude: of welcoming honest observations from staff and the public, and plugging it into a process of improvement.
Dealing with Death and Grief in the Workplace Get a grip on the changes around us and our responses to those changes.
Dealing With Potentially Dangerous Library CustomersPlanning, consistent enforcement of policies, training, support from supervisors and managers, and applied technology work together to protect employees, customers, vendors, and visitors as well as your workplace's property.
Dealing With Potentially Dangerous Library CustomersPlanning, consistent enforcement of policies, training, support from supervisors and managers, and applied technology work together to protect employees, customers, vendors, and visitors as well as your workplace's property.
Dealing with the Passive Aggressive Behaviors at Work and HomeThe "whys" "hows" and "what nows?" of passive aggressive behavior.
Dealing with Toxic PeopleStrategies, tactics and skills to protect your emotional and psychological well-being, while at the same time not letting the other person control or dominate.
Dealing with Toxic PeopleStrategies, tactics and skills to protect your emotional and psychological well-being, while at the same time not letting the other person control or dominate.
Debating 101: How to (intelligently) argue online and in real lifeYou will learn terminology and see specific examples of it. You will also learn some nonverbal techniques for getting your point across. If you’re looking to communicate more effectively, or just want to be able to poke holes in arguments - this webinar will help.
Detect, Diffuse, and Delight Difficult PatronsDoes every staff member in your library handle challenging situations and difficult patrons in the exact same manner? What can we do as library staff members to better handle these situations more consistently and effectively?
Developing Personal Learning Networks/Environments for Staff and Library Users
How personal learning networks and environments can be created and sustained
Do You Have Compassion Fatigue?Learn a variety of ways to feel better over time and to cultivate a sense of renewal in the workplace and with coworkers
Does the Word Copyright Make You Want to Cringe? Help is Here!Simple things you can do to ensure your electronic course content (images, documents, etc.) keeps you in the clear with Copyright Laws.
Effectively Communicating With People Different Than You Providing services without regard to status or influence
*NEW*Efficient LibrarianAre your inboxes overflowing? Does work spill out onto every available surface? Do you want complete more in less time while making it look effortless?
Emotional Intelligence: What It Is and Why It Matters in Your Workplace Part 1You need a set of approaches that enables you to control what you can and eliminate what you can’t.
Emotional Intelligence: What It Is and Why It Matters in Your Workplace Part 2Impactful role of stories in situations of both work and play.
Emotional Intelligence: What It Is and Why It Matters in Your Workplace Part 3Three Assessment Tools that Help You Identify and Measure the Functionality and Behaviors of Your Team
Ending the Blame Game (Once and For All) in the Workplace Creating public and transparent methods for input and dialogue
Ethics The Hazy LineDevelop your abilities to read, explicate, analyze, and evaluate ethical positions, and think critically and analytically about ethical issues.
Even Change is Changing Be impeccable with your word
Everyday Library Ethics Series: Part 1 Ways that we all can not only find, but live the life we believe we must.
Everyday Library Ethics Series: Part 2 Motivate, inspire and show you how to take action.
Exploring the Book the Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom20 tips that can help you get the information you need no matter who has it
Fighting Fake News: News Literacy for the 21st CenturyWays librarians can resist the pull of false news, by educating themselves about the marks of a credible source and sharing this knowledge with their patrons.
Finding the Meaning and Purpose in Our Lives Learn Goal Mapping as a tool for putting a plan in place that you will follow
Fuel Your Future Growthhow discerning librarians can assess and prioritize opportunities to provide the fuel necessary to forward their professional growth.
Get Focused! Work Less, Accomplish More and Have More Fun! Techniques to help you handle both internal and external customer complaints without feeling personally attacked or getting angry and defensive.
Getting to the Finish Line: Achieving Your Goals for 2013! Report on the results of one library organization that is having fun and developing a more rewarding environment for all of its employees.
Giving and Receiving: The Nuts and Bolts of Moving from "Networking" to "Building Sustainable Relationships" Explore the benefits and challenges of a variety of methods for meeting and getting to know our local, regional, and national colleagues.
Giving Thanks Every Day - Not Just at Thanksgiving!Get into the “Thanks and Giving” spirit with thoughts, tips and stories on how to be thankful everyday of your life!
Graphic Design 101 for LibrariesLearn to entice your patrons and promote your programs with eye-catching, contemporary web and print materials.
Grappling with Digital Copyright: Images, Videos and MusicHow to easily find the resources and evaluate others to make your course material more interactive.
Handling Customer Service Complaints With Taking Things Personally Explore ways to bring more fun to your library work environment.
Having Fun at Work! Define Gossip and Rumors and provide steps to curb and control both.
Having Fun Wherever You Work 5 tips for communicating like a standout at meeting
Herding Cats in a Thunderstorm Tips to help you allocate your time, overcoming bad habits, make efficient time choices, embrace technology
How Everyday Innovation Fuels SuccessHow a steady stream of small, everyday ideas result in lasting success for businesses, causes and organizations.
How to NOT Get a Job at Your LibraryWays you can reframe your attitude and behaviors for future professional success.
How to Avoid BurnoutCome discover a plethora of online tools that you probably haven't heard of but will be glad that (now) you have
How to Control Gossip and Rumors Take each of the 7 Habits and examine ways to implement them into your life.
*NEW*How to Create a Vision BoardA vision board, as a tangible representation of what you want to achieve in your life, plays a vital role in this effort.
How to Shine at Meetings & In Front Of Groups Basics of critical thinking and proper question structure, sequence, and drills to use for better questions.
How to Write a Press ReleaseHow to write a newsworthy story that is true, balanced, concise, accurate, and compelling.
How to Write for the Library Press (and Make Editors Love You)Insider knowledge on book, magazine, newsletter, newspaper, and online publishing to help you get bylines.
How-To Identify Your Stress Triggers and Manage Your Stress for a Happier, Healthier LifeLearn how to manage what comes up, how to maintain your calm in the middle of the chaos and make decisions that get the best job done without you losing it
Implementing the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Into Your Work and Life! How organizational memory is changing and what are we asking our employees to memorize as a part of their work.
Improved Critical Thinking through Asking Better Questions Dozens of invaluable suggestions you're sure to find several that will help you in your organizational journey!
Improving Your Organizational Skills Dealing with Your Desk, Calendar and FilesTaking Care of Yourself So that You Can Take Care of Others
Improving Your Organizational Skills Learning Your Space Personality Find out who you are organizing-wise.
Increasing Collaboration in Your Workplace Create a more collaborative environment and the benefits of doing so for your organization.
It's Not About Me! Handling Those Complaining Customers Without Taking It Personally Understanding how conflict creates opportunity to change for the good
It's Not You, It's How You InterviewCommon interview mistakes and how to avoid them.
Just Call Me a Weekday Warrior!Powerful tools and techniques you can begin to use immediately with your unhappy internal and external customers.
Just When I Get Comfortable Everything Changes Start and structure your day so that you get more done by 10:00 a.m. than most people get done all day long.
Learning from Both Success and Failure How you can make your library a safe place to fail forward!
Learning in the Library Through ExperiencesIn this interactive and informative program, Lauren will explain experiential learning and how it can apply in libraries.
Less Stress, More Success: Give Yourself an Attitude Adjustment Five steps for awakening and unleashing your genius
Let's Use Conflict to Our Advantage! Have you had time to unravel your year ahead yet? Would you like a guide and workbook to help?
*NEW*Linked In Going Beyond the Job SearchHow you and your organization can utilize it for building connections, educational opportunities, searching and a place to share content.
Listening: A Skill You Can DevelopBecoming aware of our own reasons for not listening well. Realizing the impact of not listening – to patrons and co-workers.
Looking at the Glass Half Empty: Using Your Negative Emotions to Fuel SuccessNegative emotions can spur greater creativity and efficiency, and help you reach a more whole work experience.
Mad on Arrival (M.O.A.) Three stages of the Mad on Arrival external and internal customer interactions
Making Your Objectives Happen Daily, Weekly, Monthly Processes and techniques that we can use to make the most of change
Making Your Organization a Learning OrganizationWorkplace harmony triggers, manipulate your surroundings towards peace.
Managing Bad Attitudes and BehaviorsHow to have professional conversations that foster healthy attitudes
Managing the Little Voice in Your HeadExercises to learn how to use your little voice productively and actually train it to be more helpful, more often.
Managing Your Interruptions: Its Easier Than You Think!Learn about the different types of conflict that can occur within a library setting, as well as which conflict management styles yield the most effective results
Managing Your Priorities Part 1 Key components of setting objective in your work and explains the steps you need to take to stay on track to completion.
Managing Your Priorities Part 2 Key attributes of learning organizations, and presents the key strategies that organizations employ to create a learning environment.
Managing Your Priorities Part 3 Simple, proven and effective tools and techniques for each of the major interruptions of your time and productivity.
Managing Yourself, Instead of Managing Time To Do or Not To Do, we will take an in-depth look at a day in your life.
*NEW*Maps Interpreting Current and Historical ResourcesIn this interactive and informative program, attendees will discover a variety of sources (both physical and digital) for accessing map data
*NEW*Mastering Difficult Workplace Communication ChallengesDealing with difficult people; handling complaints or tricky questions; incorporating tact and professionalism into diverse situations; and responding to negativity and gossip.
Mastering Tough Conversations Obstacles in Our Way, w discuss the obstacles that tend to keep us from managing our priorities
Mastering Tough Conversations Part 1 Time Tips & Techniques, we will learn specific tips and techniques that will help keep you on target in managing your priorities
Mastering Tough Conversations Part 2 How to make your to-do list work FOR you and how to plan for results.
Mind Mapping: What You Need To Know To Get Started Handling the Hurdles, w discuss the obstacles that tend to keep us from managing our priorities
*NEW*Mindfulness for All: Bringing Calm to Library Work No matter what job you do, you can use mindfulness to improve your daily life and work.
Nasty Negatives and Peace-Keeping Positives Timely Tips & Techniques, we will learn specific tips and techniques that will help keep you on target in managing your priorities
*NEW*Need to Solve a Problem? Try Design ThinkingWith design thinking, you will truly understand the problem, generate lots of different choices and possibilities and then identify the opportunities that have the most possibilities for impact
Networking for SuccessWhat networking is – and isn’t. Learn tips and techniques on how to network and with whom.
Not Your Typical Diversity Training: Moving Past Political Correctness to Cultural Intelligence Pt 1 Discuss your preferred listening style and the listening styles of others.
Not your Typical Diversity Training: Moving Past Political Correctness to Cultural Intelligence Pt 2 The inside secrets to becoming an invaluable employee.
Organizing on the Fly 7 Tips in 15 Minutes X 4! Part 1 Setting priorities and taking charge of your situation and time utilization.
Organizing on the Fly 7 Tips in 15 Minutes X 4! Part 2 What to do and say before, during and after these exchanges.
Organizing on the Fly 7 Tips in 15 Minutes X 4! Part 3 Learn valuable strategies that will lift your confidence and self-esteem.
Organizing on the Fly 7 Tips in 15 Minutes X 4! Part 4 You no longer have to suffer-in-silence because you don't know what to say.
Overcoming Your Fears of Being Successful Part 1 Understanding and using mind mapping as a thought capture and building tool.
Overcoming Your Fears of Being Successful Part 2 Simple words and phrases that will make your communications more effective.
*NEW*Personal Journaling as a Tool for Professional DevelopmentEmpower experienced and new journal keepers alike with the tools theyll need to tap into journalings potential for professional development.
*NEW*Playing With the Flipped Classroom ModelIncorporate elements of the Flipped Classroom model into library learning offerings.
Plug Into The Power of Connection Importance of developing cultural intelligence as a way to address these cultural differences
Positive Tune-Up: 16 Signs That You Are More Successful Than You ThinkDid you ever consider that you could already be successful and just not realize it?
Project Management: Plain and Simple Explore being logical from the practical and informal side, namely the ability to evaluate our discussions and arguments and, in turn, become skilled at discussing.
Public Speaking Pointers for Librarians Preparation, knowing your audience, how to use a microphone, what do wear, what NOT to do.
Raising Your Personality Quotient Components of Cultural Intelligence in more detail and offer resources to increase your own Cultural Intelligence
Reasons to Be Thankful for Your Sometimes Thankless WorkFind more reasons to be thankful for your work…even on the days when its a struggle to count your blessings!
Reducing the Impact of those Inevitable Interruptions Best practices of effectively incorporating storytelling into our training materials and the pitfalls to avoid.
Removing the Barriers to Your Success Make progress in your organizational journey.
Responding, Not Reacting to the Pressures of Life 28 tips for a variety of space personalities.
Returning Balance to Your Life Part 1 Continue to make progress in your organizational journey.
Returning Balance to Your Life Part 2 Continue to make progress in your organizational journey.
Rock, Paper, Scissors How do I effectively deliver the message and information while involving the participants?
Role Playing and How We LearnExploring situations from another person’s point of view can help everyone learn and understand why we become so frustrated at times.
Seeing Your Failures as OpportunitiesLearn to smile in the face of a possible setback and take steps to move forward once again.
*NEW*Self-Care: Protecting Yourself (and Others) from BurnoutBy taking care of yourself, you take care of others. Help avoid burnout through knowledge and practical tips.
Seven Steps to Solving Problems at Work Information and the tools to answer the following question: What keeps me from being successful
Sharpening Your Communication Skills Focus on the question: What will happen if you succeed?
Sharpening Your Organizational Skills Part 1 Your key to getting more out of life, both at home and at work, depends on your ability to build, grow and expand your relationships.
Sharpening Your Organizational Skills Part 2Demystify project management and offer concrete tools for the successful completion of your next library endeavor
Shhh! Do You Hear What I Hear?How the lessons from these stories can help us to find more peace and balance in our lives.
Shooting Your Self in the Foot Learn how others communicate, and how to simply adjust your style to connect more effectively with them.
Silence in the Library: Experiencing Mindfulness at Work Preparation, publicity, timing, mindset, and creating your strategy all figure in the first steps of de-selection.
*NEW*Simple and Powerful Customer Service TipsFocus on customer service tips that will show you how to make your patrons happy and keep them coming back for more!
Social Awareness in Customer ServiceSocial awareness—the ability to pick up on the emotions and experiences of other people.
*NEW*Special Program for Library Paraprofessionals! Identifying and More Effectively Using Your StrengthsThe strategy and the tools to identify and more effectively use your strengths.
Spectacular Displays: Minimum Work, Maximum ImpactIncorporating books into crowd-pleasing, inexpensive, and not-too-labor-intensive displays.
*NEW*Strategies for Responding to Difficult QuestionsLearn how to stay calm, confident, and competent, even when the person asking is confused, poorly informed, unorganized, or hostile.
Strengthening Your Communication SkillsControl when they happen, how often they happen, and even how long they last.
Stress @ Work Explore some of the common barriers to achieving personal success and give participants tools and techniques to overcome them once and forever.
*NEW*Surviving an Emotionally Toxic WorkplaceParticipants will learn multiple approaches including a 3-step process to de-escalate emotional situations and more...
Surviving the Stressors of Organizational Change Have more respect from those around you, learn how to control your own stress levels, have more energy, and increase your own self-respect and confidence.
Taking the Difficult Out of Your Difficult PeopleBetter understand what's going on when others seem "difficult"
*NEW*Teaching Professionalism to your EmployeesThirty specific ways employees can be more professional at work
*NEW*Ten Habits That Will Make Your Life a Little More Peaceful Each DayExplore 10 habits for finding more peace and calmness in everyday life.
The 5 Secrets to Inner Confidence Uncover the time robbers that have been stealing your most precious commodity
*NEW*The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People €“ A RefresherIn this interactive and informative program, we will revisit some of the important principles and share techniques for applying them.
The ABCs of Positive Living Find an extensive list of practical ways that you, too, can return balance to your life.
The Art of Email: Practicing Better CommunicationSimple techniques, structures, and strategies to make your email irresistible.
*NEW*The Black Tie Customer Service ExperienceCreate more loyal patrons, grow your usership and empower your coworkers and patrons to become brand ambassadors for you.
*NEW*The Do's and Don'ts of Working with Challenging PatronsResolve conflicts with the formula of LASTS, as it applies to the different categories of patrons: Look, Attitude, Speak, Take Responsibility, Serve
The Horizon Report - 2015 Release of the 2015 Library Edition in August 2015 provides an essential update for all trainer-teacher-learners interested in knowing more about how to effectively incorporate technology into staff- and library-user learning opportunities.
*NEW*The Incredible Gift of Struggle - Why Failure Holds the Key to InnovationStruggle is the best teacher. Better than any leader, coach or mentor. But only when you embrace it. Understand it. And you€„¢re willing to go the distance.
The Incredible Power of Praise How to use body language to diffuse and de-escalate situations
The Law of Boundaries in the WorkplaceIncreasing all over personal wellness, workplace cohesion, and patron experience.
The Law of Boundaries in the Workplace
Increasing all over personal wellness, workplace cohesion, and patron experience.
The Many Ways That You Can Use TED Talks to Better Yourself and Your OrganizationFour experienced PCI Webinars presenters will describe their experiences with watching Ted Talks, using Ted Talks, and actually presenting a Ted Talk.
The Most Persuasive Words In The English Language – And How to Use ThemHow to apply these words at work and other life situations.
*NEW*The Platinum Rule: Going Beyond the Golden Rule for Customer ServiceDistinguish between good and great service
The Power of Persuasion: Getting Others to See It Your WayDecision-making systems and which one might be most helpful for you in making effective decisions.
The Stressed Out Series: Adjusting Your Attitude and Self-Talk to Stress How to ask better questions that get better answers
The Stressed Out Series: Short-Term Coping Strategies Identify and resolve work problems more quickly and effectively, change others behaviors and attitudes toward problems, and be more empowered and successful at work.
The Thinking Person’s Guide to Stress ManagementFree stress busters that work best for most people and that fit your personal style.
Thirty-Two Words We Use Incorrectly in Our Business/Personal Writing That Make Us Look Unprofessional and Careless Learn to shrink your to do-list, manage interruptions, and control large and small projects.
Time for Your Time Management Tune-Up Takeaway tips and techniques you can use at work, at home or wherever you go!
Tips for Clearing Clutter in the WorkplaceHow-to overcome their clutter concerns with specific tips
Tools to Improve Your Workflow and Increase Productivity Bring your own to do-list and you will leave with an action plan to help you plan your workday.
Training-Teaching-Learning: State of the IndustryHow various organizations foster great learning opportunities and will offer participants a chance to share what they are seeing in their own libraries.
Transactional and Navigational Memory in the Workplace (30 Minutes) Decide which tools and rules you should use to stay organized.
*NEW*Trends in Customer Service and Customer Service Training You Need to Know AboutWhat does the future of customer service and customer service training look like?
Unleashing Your Inner Genius Free!Discover your preferred listening style and the listening styles of others.
Unraveling the Year Ahead Free! Four of the things you might be doing to make your work more difficult and gives you tips and techniques to do these six things differently and better!
*NEW*Using Curiosity and Transferable Skills To Guide Your Career PathLearn how your transferable skills, traits, and knowledge are valuable outside of the world of libraries.
Using Logic and Reasoning Skills to Express and ImpressTake home tools to continue the mindfulness practice on the job and in daily life
Using Storytelling to Dramatically Increase the Effectiveness of Organizational Training (30 Minutes)Find more joy in our lives is to shift our focus from the problems around to us to the feelings of gratitude inside of us.
Want to Get Your Message or Point Across with Impact? Tell Them a Story New ideas and strategies to help you get control of your time and get back your life.
Ways to Make Your Presentation More Interactive and Effective The ins and outs of how to master the art of change.
Weeding Library Collections Proven techniques to gain the essential communication and people skills you need to be more successful at work.
*NEW*What to Do When Emotions Disrupt at WorkUnderstanding what's going on when upsetting emotional displays occur, and then applying some practical emotional intelligence skills to deal with both the unhelpful emotions we experience personally and those we observe others experiencing.
*NEW*What Were They Thinking?How to identify a variety of thinking styles and be more empathetic by understanding diverse perspectives
What You Don't Know About Body Language Simple steps to help you leave your workday at work particularly if its been stressful!
*NEW*What's in Your Presentation Toolbox? Tools for Effective Communication: You & Your MessageBeing a comfortable, confident and consistent speaker is possible when you bring The Toolbox and understand its contents in building your successful presentation.
Who Ordered This Truckload of Dung? Applying Six Lessons from the Book in Your Life We will discuss techniques that will help you feel more in control, more organized, and more at peace with your surroundings
*NEW*Why and How to Break Out of Your Comfort ZonesStrategies for realizing the potential of new perspectives and opportunities that moving out of their comfort zone offers.
Why Traditional Goal Setting Doesn’t Work and What You Should Do DifferentlyJoin PCI Webinars founder Andrew Sanderbeck in this fun and interactive program as he explores goal setting and goal achievement in a fresh, new and quite likely “thought-altering” way.
Wrestling Your To-Do List to the Ground Focus on what's driving change in your organization and your role in minimizing the effect of the stressors that are sure to be present.
Wrestling Your To-Do List to the Ground: How to Manage Projects, To-do Lists and Interruptions What is working in your career management strategy and what's not, as well as finding new approaches
Yes, Thank You! Id Love to Do More! Discover what is holding you back, how to strengthen your confidence muscle, and unlock the keys to tap into the power within yourself.
Yes, You've Got It! Now Change Affirmations that you can use to change your perspective of life's situations.
Your Organizational Skills Journey One Step at a TimeWhy praise is so important, and then w look at easy ways to incorporate that praise into your workday.