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3D Printers, Pens and TrendsThe latest on the 3D technology now available in the market.
6 Essential Skills for One-on-One Tech Instruction
Learn six practical training skills that will help boost your ability to help library patrons with technology questions.
20 Tech Trends in 60 MinutesWhat's coming up and what's going away
A Course in Miracles: Helping Patrons with their Nooks, Kindles and E-Readers Provide patrons with a clear understanding of e-formats, Digital Rights Management schemes, and privacy issues
A Marketing Team of Everyone: Modern Advocacy Through Social Applications for Public LibrariesPlanning and developing a Marketing Team of Everyone and sharing mobile social marketing content for your library using community and stakeholder voices.
Augmented Reality: Seeing Your Library Through Virtual Eyes Discover how it is already in and a part of your library collection today, and how it will continue to show up more and more.
Best Content Strategies for Your Library's Social Media Sites Latest statistics, most used outlets, driving engagement, and analyzing success metrics.
Digital Storytelling for Library AdvocacyLearn how to develop a compelling story for your library, tell it using digital media, and leverage it to show your impact in the community.
E-mail Etiquette for the Super Busy Being more efficient and getting the responses you need.
Emerging Technologies in Libraries Part 1 Digital Delivery of Products and Services, we will explore the top trends in mobile platforms as well as the availability and creation of mobile apps for libraries.
Emerging Technologies in Libraries Part 2 Maker Movement, we will explore the popularity of maker/creator spaces in public libraries.
Emerging Technologies in Libraries Part 3 Massive Open Online Opportunities, we will take a look at the emergence of MOOCs (massive open online courses) and how you can learn to code (for FREE!).
Entrepreneurial Online Resources 2016Discover the latest entrepreneurial resources for 2016 and to find many related resources for a better understanding of the latest entrepreneur current awareness!
Finding, Downloading, and Editing Digital Photos for FREE!File types, searching, tweaking, evaluating and editing.
Get Over Yourself! Improving Your Library's Online Presence Learn to re-think how your library presents itself to the world online.
Get the Message: Sending, Receiving, Managing, and Conquering Your Email Everything about email to help you get the message.
Graphic Design on a DimeHow to utilize web resources to fulfill your design dreams.
Growing Your Brand with Social MediaBetter utilize your brand throughout the seemingly countless number of platforms out there with just a few key tricks.
Healthcare Online Resources 2016Discover the latest healthcare resources for 2016 and to find many related resources for a better understanding of the latest healthcare current awareness!
Holistic Digital Strategies for LibrariesOverall digital theory, best big data practices, and most effective digital tactics that are used by major cause related campaigns.
Implementing a 3D Printing Program @ Your LibraryLearn from start to finish the ins and outs of 3D printing!
Learning and Libraries: Social Media Tools to Facilitate Learning Demonstrate familiarity with the ways that social media tools are used to deliver and support learning opportunities
Libraries and Facebook: How to Make Even Better Connections With Your Customers and Community Part 1 Create attention and connectivity with your customers and focuses on the how-to of using your Facebook page to promote your library
Libraries and Facebook: How to Make Even Better Connections With Your Customers and Community Part 2 Stay in touch with your customers and keep them informed of what is going on at your library.
Marketing Online Tools and ResourcesKnowing your target audience will help you make more effective posts that create engagement.
*NEW*Marketing Your Programs and Services to MillennialsPropose activities which move the library out into it community
Mentoring in Your Library: Onsite and Online Create mentoring opportunities that strengthen your organization, help develop your next generation of leaders, and facilitate the transfer of knowledge from colleague to colleague.
More Tips and Tricks for Kindle Users The humble e-ink Kindle is far more powerful and versatile than most users realize.
More Tips and Tricks for Nook Users A multipurpose tool for information and enjoyment that unlike tablets and smart phones is not dependent on a 3G or WiFi connection when you use it.
*NEW*Online Privacy: How to Protect Yourself and Your PatronsHow your information can be tracked online, and the things that you can do to limit the tracking and ensure your privacy.
OverDrive to eReaders Tools and skills you and your patrons need to make the task easy, whether the eReader is a Nook, a Kindle, a tablet, or a smart phone.
Pinterest for LibrariesHow users behave on Pinterest so your library can get the best results possible from the platform.
Preparing for e-Reader Season Educate your patrons and deal with the increased level of demand at the same time.
*NEW*Reasons Why You May Not Want to Connect To Free Public Wi-FiHow to protect your data, computer and identity while using public networks.
Sending the Right Message Pitfalls of Email Communication to Avoid Techniques for keeping their message focused and readable
Social Media for Small LibrariesLearn how to fit updates into your already busy schedule and to engage your community with thoughtful, timely posts.
Social Media for your Library: Where to Spend TIME & EFFORT in Building a Social Community Defining your social community strategy and building a team to help you manage it, can change your perspective from Social Media being a burden to something you might actually look forward to doing.
Social Media, Library Partnerships and Collaboration: More Than a Tweet Learn how libraries are using social media tools (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn) to effectively interact with their constituents.
*NEW*Strategic Professional Development and NetworkingDrive meaningful online engagement through social media and blogging, build long-distance working relationships, arrange professional meet-ups and online gatherings, mentor, and be mentored.
*NEW*Tech Time Tips: Using Technology to Better Manage Your TimeTime management apps, project management software, organizational tools and time trackers.
*NEW*Technology Trends 2017A fast-paced introduction to whatÂs going on in technology and how they might affect you or your organization
The Nitty Gritty of Social Media Part 1 How To Fail at Social Media Learn what the most common points of failure are for public libraries, and why libraries often aren't getting what they want out of this new medium.
The Nitty Gritty of Social Media Part 2 Fine-Tuning Facebook Learn the dos and don'ts of managing a Facebook page and what you can do to attract more fans.
The Nitty Gritty of Social Media Part 3 Tweaking Twitter Discover how to use Twitter so that your time investment pays off.
The Nitty Gritty of Social Media Part 4 Teens, Tweens and Social Media Discover if your library can effectively engage (or not) with young people in social media.
Too Much Information!!! Managing Digital OverloadLearn how to use technology more effectively as a tool to research, organize, and evaluate information.
Twenty Things You Can Do to Make Your Library's Website Better Right Now Get some quick and practical ideas about potential ways to polish your site without busting your library's budget or eating up tons of staff time.
*NEW*Using Facebook and Email to Build SupportFacebook for Business features: audience insights, ad manager, power editor, and the latest research on email success strategies.
Using YouTube to Enhance Your Marketing
Tactics that help you stand out.
Ways to Manage your Email that Save Time and Headaches
*NEW*What You Need to Know about e-BooksTune into this webinar for the latest and most up-to-date information on e-Book vendors and platforms, the limitations they place on circulating library e-Books and best practices for collection development
When Webinars Attack! Getting from Tedious to Terrific Learn how to avoid the common mistakes that newbie presenters make while discovering what it takes to get asked to do it again
Where to Find Free and Legal Online Clip Art and PhotosUsing previous experience using the Microsoft Word or Publisher, you will create your own flyer by the end of the session, using images from one of the listed resources.
Writing a Social Media Policy for Your Library Learn why you need one, and what points are essential.
Writing for the Library Website Learn how to make your content not only attractive, but also palatable to todays online reader.
Your Kindle on Steroids How to be a Kindle power user for Amazons eBooks and how to use it for things Amazon might have never thought of.
Your Nook on Steroids How to be a Nook power user for B&N's eBooks and how to use it for things B&N might have never thought of.