Upcoming Programs

Moving Your Services into Your CommunityAfter this webinar, participants will be able to: Explain the value of moving services into your community and more...10/23/201810:30AM EST
20 Stress Management Tools for the Holidays in 60 MinutesIn this session, you will learn 20 stress management tools to help you identify what triggers your stress, where your stress may be coming from and ways to manage it if it does come up.10/25/20182:00PM EST
Marketing Your Programs and Services to MillennialsPropose activities which move the library out into it community10/30/201810:30AM EST
Surviving an Emotionally Toxic WorkplaceParticipants will learn multiple approaches including a 3-step process to de-escalate emotional situations and more...11/1/20182:00PM EST
Maps Interpreting Current and Historical ResourcesIn this interactive and informative program, attendees will discover a variety of sources (both physical and digital) for accessing map data 11/6/201810:30AM EST
20 Comics in 60 MinutesDuring this 20 Comics in 60 Minutes program, library staff will be brought up to speed on the best kids, teen and adult comics and graphics novels of 2018. 11/8/20182:00PM EST
A Dozen Ways to Be Thankful Every Day of the YearIn this interactive and inspirational webinar program, you will learn a dozen methods and techniques to help you be (more) thankful every day of the year. 11/13/201810:30AM EST
Yoga Storytime 101This webinar will provide a basic introduction to yoga storytime.11/15/20182:00PM EST
Creating Authentic RelationshipsIn this webinar, you will learn what it means to be truly authentic in your work relationships. 11/20/201810:30AM EST
Using the ADDIE Model to Create Library Training SessionsAttendees will extend their knowledge of ADDIE by discovering how to apply the ADDIE model to create library training.11/27/201810:30AM EST
Mission Not-ImpossibleAt the conclusion of the webinar, participants will get resources to trace Native American ancestry.11/29/20182:00PM EST
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – A RefresherIn this interactive and informative program, we will revisit some of the important principles and share techniques for applying them.12/04/1810:30AM EST
Fostering Intergenerational Programs at the Libraryhis webinar will discuss why intergenerational relationships are important,  explore ways your library can help strengthen intergenerational connections through programming, space allocation, and interactive exhibits.12/06/182:00PM EST
Leadership Redefined: Ownership Engagement ResultsIn this innovative program, you’ll discover the cutting-edge strategies for a leadership plan of action.12/11/1810:30AM EST
Recommended Read Alouds, Ages 0-6This overview of must have board and picture books covers under the radar choices for programs and class visits, coverage of un-reviewed items, and suggestions for almost every facet of your programming calendar.12/11/182:00PM EST
Digging Up Your Roots: An Introduction to Genealogical ResearchParticipants will be able to get organized for genealogical research, learn how to use genealogical research tools and more...12/13/182:00PM EST
Safer Online: Strategies and Advice for LibrariansAdvice and strategies to keep patrons safe online both inside the library and beyond.12/18/1810:30AM EST
Ask the Expert About Library Safety and SecurityIn this interactive Question and Answer program with Captain Harry Katt, he will answer your questions and provide guidance on safety and security issues that libraries face every day.12/20/182:00PM EST