Upcoming Programs

Recharge Your Book ClubHow to confidently identify and utilize the best resources for leading a book discussion, pick books that will engender the best conversations, lead a more interactive discussion even with the most jaded of groups. 2/7/201710:30 AM EST
Getting To Why (Why Should I Use Your Services - Why Should I Work Here)Understanding the 'Why' of your organization/team, your customers and your staff can be the most profoundly transformative information you can discover. 2/9/20172:00 PM EST
The Many Ways That You Can Use TED Talks to Better Yourself and Your OrganizationFour experienced PCI Webinars presenters will describe their experiences with watching Ted Talks, using Ted Talks, and actually presenting a Ted Talk.2/14/201710:30 AM EST
Positive Tune-Up: 16 Signs That You Are More Successful Than You ThinkDid you ever consider that you could already be successful and just not realize it?2/16/20172:00 PM EST
Taking the Difficult Out of Your Difficult PeopleBetter understand what’s going on when others seem "difficult"2/21/201710:30 AM EST
Children's Programming Ideas, Tips, & TricksThe latest and greatest from Pinterest and beyond for programming ideas you can act on for 2017.2/23/20172:00 PM EST
Fighting Fake News: News Literacy for the 21st CenturyWays librarians can resist the pull of false news, by educating themselves about the marks of a credible source and sharing this knowledge with their patrons. 2/28/20172:00 PM EST
Best of the 2017 American Library Association Mid-Winter ConferenceJoin us for an interactive and informative hour and keep up to date on the latest happenings from ALA’s Mid-Winter Conference including the much talked about Symposium on the Future of Libraries.3/2/20172:00 PM EST
Putting Out Big Fires: How to Prepare for Unexpected ProblemsExplore major issues that our libraries have faced and could potentially face3/7/201710:30 AM EST
Digital Storytelling for Library AdvocacyLearn how to develop a compelling story for your library, tell it using digital media, and leverage it to show your impact in the community. 3/9/20172:00 PM EST
Library Leadership: How Emotional Intelligence is Your Link To SuccessHow to use EI to enhance your professional and personal life.3/14/201710:30 AM EST
Managing Bad Attitudes and BehaviorsHow to have professional conversations that foster healthy attitudes3/16/20172:00 PM EST
Diversity in ComicsCollection development best practices, favorite resources, and philosophical approach to building and curating a diverse graphic novel collection.3/21/201710:30 AM EST
What Were They Thinking?How to identify a variety of thinking styles and be more empathetic by understanding diverse perspectives3/23/20172:00 PM EST
The A to Zs of Event PlanningThe time and effort involved in planning and conducting a special event is significant. Part project management, budget oversight, marketing, and food and beverage planning, it’s a challenge!3/28/201710:30 AM EST
What You Need to Know about e-BooksTune into this webinar for the latest and most up-to-date information on e-Book vendors and platforms, the limitations they place on circulating library e-Books and best practices for collection development 3/30/20172:00 PM EST
Horizon Reports 2017: Transforming Information Into ActionKey findings in the report and include plenty of time for participants to compare their own workplace-based observations and develop rudimentary action plans for using those findings to the benefit of those they serve.4/4/1710:30am EST
Implementing a 3D Printing Program @ Your LibraryLearn from start to finish the ins and outs of 3D printing!4/6/20172:00pm EST
How to Write for the Library Press (and Make Editors Love You)Insider knowledge on book, magazine, newsletter, newspaper, and online publishing to help you get bylines.4/11/201710:30am EST
Dealing With Challenging Patrons: Safety and Security At Our LibraryLearn safe workplace behaviors, security measures, and how to activate your “high- risk” customer service skills. 4/13/20172:00pm EST
Own It: Leadership Redefined Through Employee EngagementThe path to organizational growth is through employee engagement.4/18/201710:30am EST
Need to Solve a Problem? Try Design ThinkingWith design thinking, you will truly understand the problem, generate lots of different choices and possibilities and then identify the opportunities that have the most possibilities for impact4/20/20172:00pm EST
What Are They Saying Behind Your Back? Candidate Experience Counts!The hiring process as a reflection of your organization’s values and making sure you are sending the right message4/25/201710:30am EST
Best of Manga 2016 and 2017An entire year of manga and review their appropriateness for library collections, as well as a look ahead at the best manga of 2017. 4/27/20172:00pm EST
Tuning Out White Noise: Marketing Modern LibrariesA 'line of sight' approach with tailored and targeted marketing.5/2/20172:00 PM EST
The Art of Email: Practicing Better CommunicationSimple techniques, structures, and strategies to make your email irresistible.5/4/20172:00 PM EST
Come Together, Right Now: The Way We Collaborate to Ensure System Wide Thinking System wide thinking through multiple forms of communication – including monthly and weekly meetings and wiki sharing.5/9/201710:30 AM EST
Creating Messages that Build Support for LibrariesHow to understand audiences, how to use a message box, the benefits of a 27-9-3 messages.5/16/201710:30 AM EST
Growing Your Brand with Social MediaBetter utilize your brand throughout the seemingly countless number of platforms out there with just a few key tricks.5/18/20172:00 PM EST
Strategic Planning: The Four Frame ApproachThe four frames and a method of collecting community input from a variety of perspectives.5/23/201710:30 AM EST
Job Fairs: Yes, You Can!The job fair process.5/25/20172:00 PM EST
Tools to Build Your Library's Political CapitalPolitical campaign and community organizing tactics to influence politicians and win elections.5/30/201710:30 AM EST