Upcoming Programs

Empowering Individuals to Perform Library AdvocacyEquipping library supporters from staff to patrons to Friends to Trustees to identify and make the most of golden opportunities for advocacy9/19/201710:30AM EST
Picture Books for School Age ReadersOverview of the genre, an overview of new titles, and discuss tools you can use.9/19/20172:00PM EST
Taking the Fear Out of How-To FestsEasy, low-cost how-to fest ideas for adults from age 20 and beyond.9/21/201710:30AM EST
Fun as a Competitive Advantage in the Workplace Understand the benefits of fun as it relates to engagement, productivity, recruitment, and retention 9/21/20172:00PM EST
Library Service in a World of Social Change - Let's talk about HopeAn uplifting conversation about hope and the role of libraries in todays ever changing world.9/26/201710:30AM EST
Improving Your Communication Effectiveness for New(er) Managers and SupervisorsImprove the effectiveness of your verbal, non-verbal and written communication.10/3/201710:30AM EST
Serving Older Adult Patrons and Their Care PartnersIncreasing your awareness of the aging process and developing empathy for older adults' functional losses.10/5/20172:00PM EST
Learning from Both Success and Failure How you can make your library a safe place to fail forward!10/12/20172:00PM EST
Mindfulness for All: Bringing Calm to Library Work No matter what job you do, you can use mindfulness to improve your daily life and work.10/17/201710:30AM EST
Psychological First Aid in Libraries Help guide librarians with appropriate conversations and resources.10/24/201710:30AM EST
Digital Storytimes: Digital Media and its Role in Library Programming for Young Children Overview of digital media options that support and develop literacy and child development.10/26/20172:00PM EST
Maintaining a Culture of ProfessionalismIf we want to create, nurture and maintain professionalism and professional behavior in our organizations, we must take action.11/2/20172:00PM EST
How to Bring a Free Online Driver's Education Program to Your LibraryLearn the benefits of offering the program to their patrons and will be given insight on the opportunity to have free, educational traffic safety related quizzes on their organizational websites.11/7/201710:30AM EST
The Best of Digital Media for Storytimes and other Library Programming and How to Use ItExperienced advice and guidance on planning and executing digital storytime and other programs as well as how to best identify digital resources.11/9/20172:00PM EST
All I Really Need to Know I Learned from ABC BooksLiteracy activities that can be shared with parents or caregivers who are interested in ways to enhance their own child’s exposure to books.11/14/201710:30AM EST
Personal Journaling as a Tool for Professional DevelopmentEmpower experienced and new journal keepers alike with the tools they’ll need to tap into journaling’s potential for professional development.11/16/20172:00PM EST
Jack of All Trades: Public Services Librarians in Small Library SystemsBe creative with how to manage their daily activities as well as their technology instruction, collection development process, and programming efforts.11/21/201710:30AM EST
Giving Thanks Every Day - Not Just at Thanksgiving!Get into the “Thanks and Giving” spirit with thoughts, tips and stories on how to be thankful everyday of your life!11/28/201710:30AM EST
Social Media for Small LibrariesLearn how to fit updates into your already busy schedule and to engage your community with thoughtful, timely posts.11/30/20172:00PM EST