Upcoming Programs

It All Counts: Incorporating Passive Programming into Library Book DisplaysEngage library patrons, promote partnerships with other organizations and creates a culture of connectivity within the library.8/22/201710:30AM EST
Booktalking: Harnessing the Power of Sharing Books with PatronsThe secret behind delivering great book talks8/24/20172:00PM EST
Awareness of Human Trafficking in LibrariesLearn what to do, who to call, and how to help8/29/201710:30AM EST
Online Privacy: How to Protect Yourself and Your PatronsHow your information can be tracked online, and the things that you can do to limit the tracking and ensure your privacy.8/31/20172:00PM EST
The Community is the CollectionHow community engagement is not a position or the task within the library - it is the purpose of the library and influences all parts of the organization.9/5/201710:30AM EST
Picture Books for School Age ReadersOverview of the genre, an overview of new titles, and discuss tools you can use.9/7/20172:00PM EST
Jack of All Trades: Public Services Librarians in Small Library SystemsBe creative with how to manage their daily activities as well as their technology instruction, collection development process, and programming efforts.9/12/201710:30AM EST
Graphic Design on a DimeHow to utilize web resources to fulfill your design dreams.9/14/20172:00PM EST
Empowering Individuals to Perform Library AdvocacyEquipping library supporters from staff to patrons to Friends to Trustees to identify and make the most of golden opportunities for advocacy9/19/201710:30AM EST
Taking the Fear Out of How-To FestsEasy, low-cost how-to fest ideas for adults from age 20 and beyond.9/21/201710:30AM EST
Fun as a Competitive Advantage in the Workplace Understand the benefits of fun as it relates to engagement, productivity, recruitment, and retention 9/21/20172:00PM EST
Library Service in a World of Social Change - Let's talk about HopeAn uplifting conversation about hope and the role of libraries in todays ever changing world.9/26/201710:30AM EST
Improving Your Communication Effectiveness for New(er) Managers and SupervisorsImprove the effectiveness of your verbal, non-verbal and written communication.10/3/201710:30AM EST
Serving Older Adult Patrons and Their Care PartnersIncreasing your awareness of the aging process and developing empathy for older adults' functional losses.10/5/20172:00PM EST
Learning from Both Success and Failure How you can make your library a safe place to fail forward!10/12/20172:00PM EST
Mindfulness for All: Bringing Calm to Library Work No matter what job you do, you can use mindfulness to improve your daily life and work.10/17/201710:30AM EST
Psychological First Aide in Libraries Help guide librarians with appropriate conversations and resources.10/24/201710:30AM EST
Digital Storytimes: Digital Media and its Role in Library Programming for Young Children Overview of digital media options that support and develop literacy and child development.10/26/20172:00PM EST