Upcoming Programs

An Overview of Open Access PublishingWhat open access is, why it matters, and how librarians can learn more about it.7/13/20172:00 PM EST
Increasing Creativity in the Workplace Learn some of the most effective practices that help an organization to nurture and support creativity.7/18/20172:00 PM EST
Best of the 2017 ALA ConferenceWe report back the Best of ALA and have plenty of resources and information for you to use in your work.7/18/201710:30 AM EST
Weeding 101: What to Keep What to Toss and What to ReplaceMaintain the quality and relevance of your collection through ongoing evaluation including use of the CREW method7/20/20172:00 PM EST
4 Ways to Maintain Calm and Make Decisions Under PressureYou can learn how to maintain your calm in the middle of any chaos and how to make sound decisions under pressure.7/25/201710:30 AM EST
What to Do When Emotions Disrupt at WorkUnderstanding what's going on when upsetting emotional displays occur, and then applying some practical emotional intelligence skills to deal with both the unhelpful emotions we experience personally and those we observe others experiencing.7/27/20172:00 PM EST
Geeky Programs at the LibraryThis fast-paced webinar will share tips, tricks, resources and ideas to make your library “geekier” and fun.8/1/201710:30 AM
Assess and Improve Information Literacy InstructionCommon practices and emerging assessments in the world of information literacy instruction, both for online and classroom use. 8/3/20172:00 PM
Does the Word Copyright Make You Want to Cringe? Help is Here!Simple things you can do to ensure your electronic course content (images, documents, etc.) keeps you in the clear with Copyright Laws.8/8/201710:30 AM
Best Series for Teen Anime ClubsChoose exciting and engaging anime series to screen, as well as fun and easy activities for teen participants.8/10/20172:00 PM
The Do's and Don'ts of Working with Challenging PatronsResolve conflicts with the formula of LASTS, as it applies to the different categories of patrons: Look, Attitude, Speak, Take Responsibility, Serve8/15/201710:30 AM
Taking the Fear Out of How-To FestsEasy, low-cost how-to fest ideas for adults from age 20 and beyond.8/17/20172:00 PM
It All Counts: Incorporating Passive Programming into Library Book DisplaysEngage library patrons, promote partnerships with other organizations and creates a culture of connectivity within the library.8/22/201710:30 AM
Booktalking: Harnessing the Power of Sharing Books with PatronsThe secret behind delivering great book talks8/24/20172:00 PM
Awareness of Human Trafficking in LibrariesLearn what to do, who to call, and how to help8/29/201710:30 AM
Online Privacy: How to Protect Yourself and Your PatronsHow your information can be tracked online, and the things that you can do to limit the tracking and ensure your privacy.8/31/20172:00 PM
The Community is the CollectionHow community engagement is not a position or the task within the library - it is the purpose of the library and influences all parts of the organization.9/5/201710:30AM EST
Picture Books for School Age ReadersOverview of the genre, an overview of new titles, and discuss tools you can use.9/7/20172:00PM EST
Jack of All Trades: Public Services Librarians in Small Library SystemsBe creative with how to manage their daily activities as well as their technology instruction, collection development process, and programming efforts.9/12/201710:30AM EST
Graphic Design on a DimeHow to utilize web resources to fulfill your design dreams.9/14/20172:00PM EST
Empowering Individuals to Perform Library AdvocacyEquipping library supporters from staff to patrons to Friends to Trustees to identify and make the most of golden opportunities for advocacy9/19/201710:30AM EST
Fun as a Competitive Advantage in the Workplace Understand the benefits of fun as it relates to engagement, productivity, recruitment, and retention 9/21/20172:00PM EST
Library Service in a World of Social Change - Let's talk about HopeAn uplifting conversation about hope and the role of libraries in todays ever changing world.9/26/201710:30AM EST