PCI Webinar with Denise Vallandingham

Engaging Information Literacy Sessions – Impossible You Say? Never Say Never…

Glazed eyes, drool dribbling down chins and snoring can all certainly be signs your information literacy presentation is missing the mark. Don’t let this happen to you! It’s often difficult to wrangle the time to give proper instruction sessions, so make every minute count.

We’ll discuss ways to better prepare for the classroom and presentation techniques to reach as many students as possible. Let’s face it, most students would not say this is the sexiest material but we know it’s arguably some of the most vital information students of all disciplines can get. So let’s do this!

Denise Vallandingham ~ Biography

Denise Vallandingham is the Librarian at the Art Institute of Ohio-Cincinnati. She entered the academic realm after eight years working primarily with children in the public library setting. Denise received her Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Northern Kentucky University and her Master’s in Library Science from the University of Kentucky. She’s been an active member of the American Library Association ever since she was named an Emerging Leader in 2005. She’s served on several committees including the Sibert Award Selection, Early Childhood Programs and Services and served as co-chair of the Great Web Sites for Kids committee. Denise is currently a member of ACRL and co-chairs an academic librarian special interest group sponsored by Greater Cincinnati’s library consortium.

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