PCI Webinar with Nan Carmack

Teaching Leadership from Within: Formalizing Leadership Training within Your Organization

Competency: Personal/Interpersonal
Sub-Competencies: Leadership

Many leadership courses or academies are available, but often these programs are cost or time prohibitive and may not address leadership needs and challenges within a specific organization.

Using the Campbell County Public Library System as a case study, this informative webinar will present ideas and formats for creating an intentional and intensive leadership training program for employees at all levels.

Nan will share a blue print for employee selection, activities, readings and much more that you can adapt to use in your library.

Nan Carmack ~ Biography

Nan Carmack is the Director of the Campbell County Public Library System in central Virginia. She has been working in libraries for 10 years after a brief stint in book selling retail, preceded by a decade in the human services field, working with families and children affected by chemical dependence and abuse and neglect.

Price: $59.00
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