PCI Webinar with Andrew Sanderbeck and Guests

Best of the 2016 Public Library Association Conference (Find Out What You Missed)

Competency: Personal/Interpersonal Competencies
Sub-Category: Shares knowledge gained through professional discussions, conferences, formal courses and informal channels with colleagues

PowerPoint presentation (PPT)

Suggested Resources

Did you make it to Denver in April for the bi-annual conference?

Whether you went to the Public Library Association conference or not, we’ve got you covered! Andrew Sanderbeck and his special guests will report back the Best of PLA and have plenty of resources and information for you to use in your work.

Join us for an interactive and informative hour and keep up to date on the latest happenings from PLA!

Andrew Sanderbeck ~ Biography

Andrew has been developing and conducting training seminars for libraries and library organizations for more than fifteen years. He has presented Web-based, On-line, and Face-to-Face sessions on Management and Leadership, Customer Service and Communication Skills in the U.S. and in numerous countries around the world. He is the founder of the PCI Webinars.

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