Chances are you have read articles or books on becoming more organized in 32 seconds or less 🙂 or something that unreasonable. Maybe you’ve even tried some of those techniques – but they not only left you unorganized, but feeling like you had failed.

Here’s a secret you really need to know – there really are no “one-size-fits-all” rules for becoming organized – isn’t that a relief?? Each of us is unique in how we perceive our space and what helps us get and stay organized. So in these fast-paced 15-minute segments, Linda has picked out her favorite 28 tips for a variety of “space personalities.” You’ll be able to ponder and choose those that will work for you.

You may find 1 tip from each session that you really want to commit to – and you may find 7! Either way, you are sure to make progress in your “organizational journey.”


Price: $59.00
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