PCI Webinar with Jamie LaRue
The 20 Second Talk

Competency: Personal/Interpersonal Competencies
Sub-Topic: Understands a variety of difficult behavior patterns and develops responses appropriate to each

“The 20 Second Talk.” We go 20 years avoiding a 20 second conversation. Suppose you had a simple, honest, direct script that let you tell employees hard things about their performance problems without being anything but clear and respectful? In this webinar, you’ll write the script that’s guaranteed to get results.

Designed for supervisors and managers, the interactive and informative program will help participants:

• Understand the supervisory responsibility of clarity

• Get practice producing concise, specific scripts to identify problem behaviors and their solution

Jamie LaRue ~ Biography
Author of the award-winning book, “The New Inquisition,” a weekly newspaper columnist for over 25 years, and a former public library administrator, today James (Jamie) LaRue writes, speaks, and consults on leadership, organizational development, community engagement, and the future of libraries. Jamie is a Candidate for President of the American Library Association in 2016-17.

Price: $59.00


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