“There is no shortage of new things to learn and do with your new position as a manager or supervisor and setting the direction of your team is certainly one of the more important! This webinar will explore how a newly promoted manager or supervisor can figure out what a mission statement is and is not and how to set a clear goal for their team. Participants of this webinar will learn and begin to master:

  • Setting goals that are not only SMART; setting goals that you will accomplish
  • Determining you and your team members roles in achieving your organizational mission and objectives
  • Knowing where to turn for help…when everything seems to being falling apart around you

Instructor: Ned Parks
Biography: Ned has been developing and conducting training seminars for libraries and library organizations for more than five years. Ned takes his passion for helping others to find their areas of strength and improvement by providing humor-filled leadership and motivational webinars and seminars on dealing with the challenges of everyday life. Ned takes it one step further; he gives participants tangible ideas they can use as soon as they leave the event.”

Price: $59.00
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