PCI Webinar Interview with Kathy Pape

Establishing Your Library’s Footprint in Your Community

Who’s walking through your door, who isn’t, and what can you do about it? Every community needs a library, and the library needs an active community. Being more than relevant in today’s world is a tough challenge for every library. Good News” You are not alone!

Becoming the community’s “go-to” place for information and more is a daunting task! This fun and interactive webinar will start you on your way to establishing your library as the community’s first and foremost source for collaboration and information.

During Andrew Sanderbeck’s interview with Kathy, participants will learn how to:

• Navigate their community in a productive and beneficial way using specific techniques
• Identify potential collaborators
• Gather the tools to help lean their library to becoming a more relevant fixture in the community

Kathy Pape ~ Biography

Kathy has worked for ten years in Ohio libraries and is currently the Executive Director of the Conneaut Public Library in Conneaut, Ohio. Kathy also works as a producer, writer, actor, and director for one of Ohio’s cable access channels that provides programming to households in Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.


Price: $59.00


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