PCI Webinar with Cari Dubiel
Local Authors 101: How to Find Them, Host Them, and Keep Them Happy

Competency: Adult and Older Adult Services
Sub-Category: Demonstrates ability to be creative, promote new ideas and identify a variety of tools and techniques to create interesting and engaging programs

Local authors want their work to be popular and meaningful to their communities, so they turn to public libraries to support and publicize them. As libraries, we want to do that, but we have many different factors to think about.

Will we purchase their books for our collections? Will we host them for book signings? What about self-published authors? In this webinar, we will explore the logistics behind working with local authors, and discover the ways we can create beneficial partnerships with them.

Participants will:

  • Discover the options for adding local authors’ books to collections, including e-only versions
  • Discuss in-person and online programming options to host local authors
  • Find tools for vetting authors and deciding which authors to host
  • Find ways to discover the “hidden” authors in their communities

Cari Dubiel ~ Biography

Cari Dubiel is the co-host of the ABC Book Reviews Podcast, a popular online program that was recognized by the Wall Street Journal as a best book podcast. Cari has worked in public libraries for over 15 years, doing everything from student page to her most current role as computer services manager at the Twinsburg Public Library.

Price: $59.00


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