PCI Webinar with Crystal Feyerchak
Psychological First Aid in Libraries

Competency: Laws, Policies and Procedures
Sub-Competency: Creates policies and practices to ensure safety and security

Psychological First Aid is defined by John Hopkins University as, “the provision of basic psychological care in the short-term aftermath of a traumatic incident.” These incidents can be severe weather or fires, violent events, or any other crisis that affects the community.

As librarians, we often encounter members of our communities directly after an event or in some cases during one. As we are not medical professionals, this webinar is adapted to help guide librarians with appropriate conversations and resources.

In this webinar, we will:

• Learn what Psychological First Aid is and why it matters,
• Basic and advanced reactions the population may have to a crisis,
• Develop appropriate vocabulary and communication skills for aftermath of a crisis,
• Identify when someone needs help that you are unable to provide and how to follow up,
• Understand the importance of self-care.

This webinar is recommended for librarians or managers who develop emergency response or preparedness procedures.

Crystal Feyerchak – Biography

Crystal is the Special Projects Librarian at the Twinsburg Public Library. She develops large scale programs, including job fairs and year-long learning events. She also helps to identify training needs of both patrons and staff. Think of her as the “kitchen sink” librarian.

Price: $59.00
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