PCI Webinar with Jill Burket-Ragase

Beginning Readers 101: Emergent Literacy Made Easy

Competency: Children’s services
Sub-Category: Collections for Children: Establishes and pursues strategies to stay informed about current and relevant information resources to meet children’s evolving needs.

Are you lost in the sea of differing publisher leveling schemes, differing vocabulary standards, and the generally vast range of reading abilities at work in the Beginning Reader area of your collection? You’re not alone! The world of Early Readers is often as frustrating for parents as it is for us professionals.

In this interactive webinar program, Jill Burket Ragase will give you a variety of tools that you will be able to use to:

Understand the challenges of the Emergent Reader market from the perspectives of publisher, buyer, and reader.
Understand the leveling and coding systems used by several popular publishers and series.
Improve your collection variety and depth
Improve your shelving and reader’s advisory knowledge for emergent readers

Beginning Reader collections can be challenging both in terms of collection development and customer service. We will also discuss tips and tricks to help frustrated parents get their children on the road to independent reading.

Jill Burket Ragase ~ Biography

Jill Burket Ragase has worked as a Children’s Librarian and Collection Development Librarian in several states as an MLS Librarian and now is an independent library consultant and children’s services expert. She has made professional presentations at various professional conferences on children’s programming.


Price: $59.00

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