PCI Webinar with Hope Klein Levy

Serving Older Adult Library Patrons (and Their Care Partners)

Competency: Adult and Older Services
Sub-Category: Designs and implements library services to engage and meet the needs of the community

By 2030, projections indicate that 25% of the US population will be 65 or older. This means that libraries will be serving a steadily increasing number of older patrons and their care partners. To help you understand and adapt to these patrons’ changing needs you’re invited to attend this interactive program.

In this informative program, you’ll experience an empathy-building aging simulation activity and we’ll also address biases on aging and how to communicate with older adults who are confused. You will also have the opportunity to recognize what you are already doing well, and learn how to hone your skills in meeting the unique needs of individual patrons in this age group.

Outcomes for this program include:

• Increasing your awareness and knowledge concerning various aspects of the aging process
• Developing empathy for older adults’ functional losses and related feelings
• Identifying at least one thing you are already doing well in meeting the needs of older adult patrons (and their care partners), and one action you can take to enhance the elder-friendly environment at your library

Join Hope Klein Levy for this fun and engaging professional development opportunity, which is likely to help you enhance service to the community, while improving your own job satisfaction.

Hope Klein Levy ~ Biography

Hope Levy has twenty-plus years of experience in education and training, gerontology and career development. For the past six years Hope has been teaching classes at the San Francisco Public Library through a partnership with City College San Francisco’s Encore Learning Program. Through her consulting practice, There’s Always Hope, she helps organizations develop and deliver learning programs that promote positive aging. The common thread throughout her career is a passion for lifelong learning. Hope holds an MA in Gerontology and an MA in Special Education, both from San Francisco State University.

Price: $59.00
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