PCI Webinar with Maurice Coleman
Helping Customers (and Staff) Who Have Little Technology Literacy

Competency: Public Access Technology
Sub-Category: Refers library users to technology training classes provided by the library and by other organizations in the community as appropriate

A customer walks in and says “I need to fill out a job application on the computer. But I have never used a computer.” or ” My (fill in the blank relative) got me a tablet/e-reader as a present. I have no idea what to do with it. Help!”

This interactive and fun webinar, led by trainer extraordinaire Maurice Coleman, will show you some “how to’s” for basic technology literacy also some great resources for basic technology training for you and your staff to use and share with your customers.

Maurice Coleman ~ Biography

Maurice Coleman has been the technical trainer at Harford County (MD) Public Library in NE Maryland for 10 years and has headed a training and digital consulting practice since the 1990’s.

He has over 20 years of experience teaching all ages how to sensibly use technology, computer hardware and software. He has also extensive experience managing and incorporating cutting edge initiatives and projects. He has delivered training on effective technology planning and deployment, social media skills, nonprofit organizational development and fundraising, community organizing, and presentation skills.

Price: $59.00


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