“In this whirlwind society, it’s easy to take our patrons for granted – after all, where else can they go, right? Wrong, of course! These days there are many library “competitors” and it’s important to the health of our libraries to make sure we are not only a resource for our communities, but also a welcome respite from the bad news that seems to be coming at them from every angle.

In Session 2, we will delve into that exciting topic of how to handle difficult patrons – yikes!

Your library is a wonderful place – people learn, you help patrons find information they need, you provide resources for people. Once in awhile, though, those same normally-nice people can get a little difficult and often it’s a result of a particular issue or circumstance.

How do you attempt to meet a patron’s needs or requests when you find yourself in a challenging situation? How do you honor your library policies while trying to address their issues? In other words, how do you turn a difficult patron into a satisfied customer? In this session, we will delve into some specific scenarios that you may encounter in your everyday interactions with patrons – and how to deal effectively with those scenarios.

Linda Bruno ~ Biography

Linda has been developing and conducting training seminars for more than ten years. Certified with Development Dimensions International and Achieve Global, she also offers her own workshops on Customer Service, Supervisory Skills, Personalities, Organizational Skills, Effective Communication, Returning Balance to Your Life, and many other topics.”

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