In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt: “No one can make you feel inferior without your permission.” Do you let your co-workers or unhappy patrons angry words get you down?

The Handling Customer Complaints Without Taking Things Personally webinar gives information and techniques to help you handle both internal and external customer complaints without feeling personally attacked or getting angry and defensive.

Participants will learn and begin to master:

• 3 powerful techniques for not taking things personally
• The benefits of not taking things personally
• Insights into the problems with “the story” we keep telling
ourselves about complaining customers

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011 from 1:00 – 2:00 pm Eastern; 12 Noon Central

Andrew Sanderbeck ~ Biography
Andrew has been developing and conducting training seminars for libraries and library organizations for more than ten years. He has presented Web-based, On-line, and Face-to-Face sessions on Management and Leadership, Customer Service and Communication Skills in the U.S. and numerous countries around the world. He is the founder of the PCI Webinars.

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