Florida Library Webinar with Sara White

Library Ambassador: Leading a K-12 Faculty Outreach Initiative (Mostly) on Your Own

Competency: Youth Services Outreach
Sub-Category: Initiates and develops strategic relationships with faculty at local K-12 schools, educates faculty about the library, and works with them to find ways the library can support teachers and students.

K-12 teachers and public librarians serve the same students, and share a common desire to equip those students for success in reading, information literacy, and academic research. So why is it often incredibly difficult to partner with schools? How do you communicate the library’s relevance and value to teachers, and become each other’s allies?

It can be done, even if your library has no “outreach person” and you still have storytimes, reference duties, and other responsibilities to manage!

Participants will be able to:

  • Develop a strategic “game plan” for initiating relationships with K-12 school faculty
  • Communicate their library’s value to faculty meaningfully but succinctly
  • Turn contacts into allies by accumulating examples of how their libraries can serve students
  • Gather and evaluate different types of data about the results of faculty outreach

Sara White – Biography

Sara White is a Youth Services Librarian at the Seminole County Public Library (FL). Her background is in education, and she earned a Master of Arts in Teaching in addition to her MLIS. She student-taught high school English before discovering her passion for working with children in a library setting. Sara is a part of the 2014-2015 Sunshine State Library Leadership Institute. She managed to fine the perfect leadership project to combine her background in schools with her love of libraries: leading a K-12 faculty outreach initiative!

Price: $59.00


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