PCI Webinar with Michael Healey

The First 90 Days in Your Supervisory Position

If you have taken on a new position and are concerned about what you don’t know – you’re in good company. Research show supervisors, managers and leaders moving into a new role only get a minuscule amount of the training needed to be successful in the role. On the job learning is expected – but you don’t know what you don’t know.

This is the place to start.

This webinar provides a structured approach to strategies and steps needed to build a solid foundation in the first 3 months that will set the stage for your future success. If you have been in the role for more than 3 months – don’t worry, many of the strategies and ideas will be successful after 90 days and can be applied even if you’re an old hand.

This webinar is for you if you:

• are worried about how to deal with all the different personalities
• want to ensure you get the team “on board” and engaged early on
• will have staff who are older or more experienced in their roles
• are inheriting a team that has dysfunctional moments
• want to excel, but aren’t sure where to start

Participants will learn:

• A step-by-step process for the first 90 days in their new role
• To identify what has to be dealt with now and what can wait until later
• How your leadership style will impact the team
• How to adapt your leadership style to have the most positive impact
• How to create collaboration and engagement on your team

Michael Healey ~ Biography

Michael works with businesses and organizations that understand the value of developing people as a foundation for continual improvement and capacity building. He has been developing and delivering impactful training programs since 1987.

Price: $59.00


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