PCI Webinar with Pat Wagner
Library Board Series #1

Dealing with Difficult Library Board and Board Member Problems

Even in the best of times, library board members still encounter many challenges on the job, from feuds with taxpayers to confrontations with employees to misunderstandings with neighboring library leaders. However, the toughest issues often are internal.

What if the board is split politically or meetings are dominated by one individual? Or board members are violating ethical standards or even breaking the law by holding secret meetings or favoring friends and family for contracts? And how do you handle the loose cannon who has reporters on speed dial and hungers after the director’s job?

Participants will learn how to prevent and address typical board problems:

  • Improving Recruitment and Orientation: Starting with Quality Candidates and Positive Politics
  • Getting the Rules in Place: How Well-Written By-Laws Can Protect You
  • The Long Game: Building Community Support For Accountability and Good Behavior
  • How Not To Be Part of the Problem: Mistakes Good People Make
  • Case Studies: Preparing for the Worst

Thursday, March 6th from 2:00 – 3:00 pm Eastern

PCI Webinar with Pat Wagner

Library Board Series #2

What To Do
With A Do-Little Library Board

A library board that never makes waves might be considered a good thing. The members conduct their basic duties without complaint. They show up for meetings, sign checks, and automatically approve policies and budgets. They never evaluate the director’s decisions. They also never advocate for the library, raise money, help with promotions, defend the 1st Amendment, research trends, build relationships with other institutions, or visit the statehouse to ensure long-range funding.

How can you turn a do-little board into an active, effective leadership tool with clout?

Participants will learn how to build competent library boards:

  • Investing in the Future of the Library Board
  • What is a Library Board’s Roles and Duties
  • The Director’s New Relationship With an Active Board
  • The Key to Improving Your Board: Building Community Support
  • Your Library Board’s First Strategic Plan

Thursday, March 13th from 2:00 – 3:00 pm Eastern

Pat Wagner – Biography

Pat has been working with libraries as a trainer and consultant since 1978, from one-room rural storefronts to the largest public and academic libraries in North America. She has worked with library and nonprofit boards regarding roles, marketing, outreach, and fundraising.