PCI Webinar with Mary Schaefer

Take Your People Management Skills to the Next Level

This interactive session offers you tactics to improve employee performance, productivity, and engagement. Learn how to break unhelpful habits and mindsets and communicate in a more clear, direct, and engaging manner.

Through this workshop you will learn to:

1.        Challenge your assumptions about employee’s actions and motives to reduce stress and minimize conflict. Transform a potential conflict to a productive conversation.


2.        Ask more questions to improve their performance. Investigate the block to unmet expectations or lack of performance. Break the habit of repeating yourself. Ask, learn and teach vs. tell.


3.        Expand your repertoire of people skills to increase your confidence and get more done. Handle a wider variety of responses to difficult conversations. Use how they respond to advance your goal for the conversation.


Bring your questions about turning around an under-performer, managing organization politics, improving morale, and more.

Mary Schaefer ~ Biography

As the principal of her own business and as an HR professional, Mary coaches, trains and consults on improving manager/employee interactions and creating positive and functional work environments through empowered leaders and employees. Mary is a former HR manager, TEDx talker, and has delivered leadership, teamwork, and communications workshops as part of the Delaware ILEAD program and at Maryland/Delaware library systems annual conferences.

Price: $59.00
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