Neurodiversity: A Primer for Libraries

Neurodiversity is a contract to medical and pathology models of neurological differences in the brain. It’s a more nuanced perspective of what exactly is “normal” or “appropriate” in people. This webinar will explain the basics of neurodiversity, the growing movement, and how librarians can better create programs and advocate for people who are neurodiverse. In […]


Ask Us Anything (AUA) for Healthier Libraries

This Ask Us Anything (AUA) program is the place for you to anonymously and safely share what’s going on in your work. And to help, we have gathered a panel of experts to offer solutions and opinions.


Responding to Uncomfortable Situations in the Library Setting

In this interactive and important program, the presenters will go over several scenarios where someone behaves in a manner that is not acceptable in the library and provide simple responses to curtail the behavior and make it clear that what is happening is not ok.


Flash Talks! Your Holiday Season Well-Being Edition

Flash Talks (aka Spark Talks, Lightning Rounds etc.) are a fun and informative way to learn about a variety of topics in short, 10-minute talks.
In our Flash Talks, attendees will experience a variety of topics for their holiday season mental health.

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Your 21 Magical Days of Gratitude

Gratitude is thankful appreciation for whatever we receive or experience. In his annual holiday program, Andrew Sanderbeck will explore with you 21 exercises to increase the magic of gratitude in your life.


Performance Appraisals That Work

PCI Webinar with Philip Vassallo, ED.D Most managers or supervisors find writing employee performance appraisals one of their most dreaded tasks. They understandably complain about numerous factors that compromise the effectiveness of the appraisal-writing process. Appraisals might be irrelevant to the position or the employee. They often are incomplete or imprecise. They tend to be […]


How to Effectively Run a Meeting

PCI Webinar with Mitchell Friedman, EdD, APR Many people lament time spent in meetings, regardless of whether they are held face-to-face or online. But meetings don’t have to be a waste of time. In fact, with a little effort, both online and face-to-face meetings can be productive, educational, and even entertaining. What’s critical is that […]