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Dealing with Change: Using Mindfulness to Respond in Difficult Situations

Change is all around us, whether we like it or not. Often, change occurs without our control, and we must adapt to difficult situations. Mindfulness can help us stay in the moment and respond appropriately to strong emotions surrounding change. As a result of this program, participants will: Learn to recognize when change is affecting […]

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Classic Picture Books are Boring and What You Should Read in Storytime Instead

Many books considered classics are difficult to integrate as part of an engaging storytime. In this interactive and informative program, we will examine the numerous reasons why many classic picture books should no longer be a librarian’s first choice of material and what elements we look for in a book while planning storytime. You’ll also […]

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Artificial Intelligence in the Library

Artificial intelligence (AI) is all around us. It is in our cars, phones, and homes. AI is also in our libraries. In order to make wise decisions, it is important that we understand where AI is already being used in our library’s databases and computer programs. This understanding can then lead to proactive discussions about […]

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Fighting for #FReadom

Facing book and materials challenges can be overwhelming and frightening. Turn your concern into constructive action by equipping yourself with knowledge, best practices, and preparation. Learn how to be prepared to navigate challenges and advocate for students’ intellectual freedom. Join #FReadomFighter Nancy Jo Lambert for this webinar, where they will discuss: Key elements for strong […]

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