Organizational Subscriptions

PCI webinars provide librarians in our region convenient, on-demand training that keeps them up to date and in step with the latest in library issues and job skills.  The wide variety of instructors and topics enable any staff member the opportunity to integrate an ongoing and effective continuing education program into their professional lives.  We love the ease of access, quality of instruction and timely content of PCI webinars.  We’re delighted to offer them to all of our Southeast Regional Library System members. 

Jay Burton

Director, SERLS

From the evaluations: “great content”

From me:  “Since we started to offer PCI’s live webinars, interest and participation have *quadrupled”! The webinar quality is incredible and the PCI staff is very responsive to our suggestions” 
Cindy S. Church

Continuing Education Consultant State E Rate Coordinator, Library of Virginia

The following is for organizations with one or multiple locations in one system:

Access to a minimum of four Live Webinars per month: $15 per seat per registrant, ($28.99 per registrant if purchased without a subscription)

Monthly packages available based on a set the number of registrants

  • $250 per month for up to 25 registrants
  • $475 per month for up to 50 registrants
  • $700 per month for up to 75 registrants
  • $900 per month for up to 100 registrants 

Call for pricing for more than 100 registrants per month.


  • Archived recordings of the webinars made available to registrants only
  • Monthly reporting of registrants and attendees for your organization
  • Billing monthly or annually to fit your organizations needs 

These subscriptions are not for regional systems, cooperatives, consortiums or Statewide Organizations. Call Andrew at 727-409-2239 for multi-organization, membership and statewide organization subscription pricing.

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