Webinar Hosting Services

Build and increase lasting customer and employee relationships with PCI Webinars. Broadcast your message to up to 500 attendees live and countless more professionally edited and archived.

Learn how PCI can help you with your business needs.

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What business needs do we serve?

Customer communications
In these fast changing and uncertain times, opportunities abound. Update your clients, customers and employees on how your business is shaping your future and theirs.

Deliver real-time and anytime training programs to your employees locally and around the world.

Internal communications
Deliver business-critical messages across your organization with high impact. Receive immediate audience feedback via polls, Q&A and other data reporting.

Build engagement with prospects at every stage of your sales process and capture analytics from registration, live and on-demand engagement and surveys.

Conduct sales demos, campaigns and kick-offs. Share sales information with your salesforce. Now is the time for your business grow.

Product launch
Educate, demonstrate and drive product awareness. Communicate new product releases.

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Live Webinar Features and Highlights

Make your content available to the widest possible audience with closed captioning and transcription services.

Multimedia play and hyperlinks
Connect your audiences to pre-recorded videos and third-party content that enhances your presentation.

Downloadable content and slides
Extend the lifespan of your content by allowing attendees to download the slide presentation and your supporting materials.

Speaker bios
Introduce your speakers to the audience by adding key facts, experience, video and photos to their bios.

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Post Webinar Features and Highlights

On-demand and interactive
Extend the life of your message and continue to capture analytics.

Timestamp key moments within your webinar presentation for easy post-event review.

Archive outputs
Reversion your webinars with podcasts and other output formats.

Use our professional transcript services to create written documents of your event.

Post-event editor
Remove pauses, interruptions or errors of your live broadcast to create the perfect on-demand experience.

Direct attendees to a post-event survey, questionnaire or poll for detailed event feedback.

For your live and on-demand webinar programs. Learn more about your target audience.

Your Experts, Our Expertise

You provide the experts and we provide the platform and support team to create the program(s) you want for your business needs.

We’re here to help you with your business needs with Webinar Hosting Services from PCI Webinars. Our basic webinar packages start at only $350 for per one-hour webinar (plus a one-time set-up fee) which includes professional production and editing and archived program storage.

Contact Andrew Sanderbeck at PCI Webinars for more information.

Phone: 727.409.2239
Email: Andrew@peopleconnectinstitute.com